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Tonight is Camrus Johnson's night! Our very own Luke Fox is joining an elite group of Arrowverse actors that have directed an episode they are in! Just to name a few, Melissa Benoist, David Harewood, Chyler Leigh, David Ramsay, Tom Cavanagh, Caity Lotz and Danielle Panabaker! But focusing in on Gotham, the torment from Poison Ivy and Poison Mary has come to a close. Renee and Pam have gone to Coryana and the Desert Rose may make a big return. How will Safiya welcome Pam? However, we also know that Marquis is going to take his place among Gotham's worst and Batwoman will be the target! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Marquis Escapes: Gotham knows that Batwoman was responsible for the recent rogues coming back. Batwoman rushes to check on Marquis but he’s already fled. Without Luke’s Dad’s AI, the team focuses on finding the original builder of the Joker's toys. Ryan tasks Alice and Mary to find her. Marquis doesn’t know they aren’t bad anymore. Ryan tells Luke and Sophie to lay low so Marquis can target them. Marquis holds a press conference. He is using Wayne Enterprises to fund a better Arkham and thus getting access to the prisoners inside.
  2. The Imposter: With Gotham thinking that Marquis is actually some kind of savior, Ryan and team decide they need to find proof he is a murderer. They think Jada might have that proof. After some bad advice, Alice and Mary arrive at Kiki's halfway house. She's moved on according to the house owner, but Alice knows she actually is Kiki. Ryan goes to see Jada. Jada does have the evidence against him. Just then, Victor Zaaz arrives and kills a security guard. Marquis hired Zaaz to kill Jada. 
  3. Zaaz Employed: Victor has the evidence, Jada and Ryan at gun point. The evidence is destroyed and Victor has left a note on the Batsignal to summon Batwoman to watch as Zaaz kills Jada. Victor doesn’t know that Ryan is Batwoman though and he sets an hour time limit. Kiki agrees to fix the buzzer. She has spent a decade trying to better herself and Alice can’t understand why. Jada reveals that she kept Ryan away to protect her not to abandon her. Victor says the time has run out and just before he can kill Jada, Ryan tells her to duck and she takes him out. Showing this level of skill, Jada can’t help but realize Ryan is Batwoman.
  4. Joker’s Laboratory: Kiki takes Alice and Mary to an old Joker hideout. Alice and Mary both struggle to see themselves in Kiki. She was able to change. Mary is at the start of that journey, and Alice never thought change was possible. Batwing and Sophie break into Wayne Tower and get Lucious’ AI back. They see Marquis’ laptop and see an opportunity. Ryan and Jada have a moment where Jada realizes her mistakes. Sophie and Luke discover that Marquis has been talking with Kiki and Kiki isn’t as healed as she seems. She had repaired the buzzer and it has one last use. But then Marquis’ goons arrive to capture Mary and Alice.
  5. Lies Around: Marquis walks in on Sophie and Batwing. Kiki reveals her psychologist was Harley Quinn and she is happy to be back working for a Joker. Marquis sends his goons to take out Mary and Alice and he will deal with Batwing and Sophie. But Sophie and Batwing aren’t as helpless as they seem. The Batteam begins to battle on both fronts. Kiki uses the fight to slip away.

In the last moments of the episode, Batwoman tells Jada that Marquis now has the buzzer. Jada tells Ryan that she did love her and wanted to be more for her. She is so proud of Ryan now dressed as Batwoman. Luke speaks with his father’s AI and gets the praise he deserves. Marquis reunites with Kiki and they are in a Joker bunker with many rejects from Joker’s past. Mary goes to visit Alice. Mary even packed a go bag for Alice. Alice says to Mary that she doesn’t want to be Alice anymore. Alice wants to use the buzzer on herself. Ryan and Sophie share a kiss at the bar and Ryan lets Sophie in. Check out a preview for the next all new episode, after a two week hiatus, below:

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