1. Mother ~ Ingrid Michaelson [Listen Here] Plays when Kate and Beth recieve Bat Mitzvah gifts from thier mother.
  1. French Kiss ~ Bosco Rogers [Listen Here
  2. No Rules ~ Vinyl Pinups and Night Panda [Listen Here
  3. Already Down ~ Allie Moss [Listen Here
  4. Out of My Cage ~ Unsecret and Aliana Cross [Listen Here
  5. Changes Coming ~ Kate York [Listen Here
  1. Animal ~ AG featuring MOONZz [Listen Here] Plays when Nocturna kills her victim.
  2. Better Get It ~ Vala [Listen Here] Plays at the club opening.
  3. french toast ~ Floyd Wonder [Listen Here] Plays at the club opening.
  4. Don't Start Now ~ Dua Lipa [Listen Here] Plays at the club opening.
  5. Keep Me Moving ~ Darling Waves [Listen Here] Plays at the club opening.
  6. Paradise ~ Argonaut & Wasp [Listen Here] Plays at the club opening.
  7. Six Feet Under ~ Oshins & Leslie Powell [Listen Here] Plays during the battle between Batwoman and Nocturna.
  8. Serious Love ~ Anya Marina [Listen Here] Plays when Kata and Sophie kiss on the roof.
  1. Rise ~ Night Panda [Listen Here] Plays when Alice's gang kidnaps Kate.
  2. New Tradition ~ Saysh Feat. Anderson Rocio [Listen Here] Plays when gotham's citizens demand the use of the Bat Signal again.
  1. Upside ~ Judith Hill [Listen Here] Plays when Batwoman is saved by a policeman.
  1. Killer Inside Me ~ Willyecho [Listen Here] Plays in the car when the Hamilton family is headed to the gala.
  2. Hurricane ~ Reuben and the Dark [Listen Here] Plays in the end of the episode.
  1. Circles ~ Emily Wolfe [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode where Sophie and Kate speak.
  1. Fire it Up ~ Ruelle [Listen Here] Plays when Batwoman is in the storage facility for the deadly gas.
  2. From The Ashes ~ Valerie Broussard [Listen Here] This is the song at the end of the episode when Kate forgives her father.
  1. Haunted ~ Adona [Listen Here] Plays at the episode's opening, when Alice is skinning corpses.
  1. Wolves ~ Claire Wyndham [Listen Here] Magpie steals for the third time in a week at the episode's beginning.
  2. Black Wave ~ K. Flay [Listen Here] Plays when Magpie first fights Batwoman.
  3. The Way You Move ~ Zadie Grey [Listen Here] Plays when Kate enters the Gala to hide her Bat suit.
  1. Trampoline (Tromme Remix) ~ Shaed [Listen Here] Plays as Kate enters Tommy's Party.
  2. Best Friend feat. NERVO ~ Sofi Tukker [Listen Here] Also at Tommy's Party.
  3. Cello Suite 1 ~ Bach [Listen Here] Alice plays Beth's Cello
  1. Human ~ Sam Tinnesz [Listen Here] Plays when Batwoman is underwater saving Alice from drowning.
  2. When The Party's Over ~ Billie Eilish [Listen Here] Plays at the end of the episode when Kate remembers when her dad told her about Beth as well as when she confronts Sophie about selling her out.
  1. Blackout ~ Freya Ridings [Listen Here] Plays during Kate and Sophie's flashback when they were discussing being kicked out and Sophie choosing the bend to the military.
  2. Real Good Life ~ The Mowgli's [Listen Here] Song that plays during the movie night in Gotham.
  3. Can't Pretend ~ Tom Odell [Listen Here] Song during Vesper Fairchild's recording on the events of last night, is Batman back?
  4. Slip Away ~ Ruelle [Listen Here] Plays when Kate learns of Sophie's husband.