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Well here we go Batwoman fans! It seems like this season finale has snuck up upon us! But with thirteen episodes done, every episode has felt purposeful and filled to the rim with action and story development! In the season finale of Batwoman's third season, Marquis's plan seems to catch everyone off guard and team Batwoman will need to pair up with Jada to stop Marquis. Mary attempts to appeal to Alice's better half, if she even has one, and potentially has the buzzer for her? But will that even be enough for Alice? It all comes down to family in this season finale with sister trying to save sister and brother versus sister! Check out the season finale synopsis below:

SEASON FINALE - In the explosive season three finale, Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) and a panicked Bat Team (Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson) must race against the clock as Marquis's (Nick Creegan) nefarious plan balloons into something Gotham would never have suspected...and won't see coming.  Joining forces with Jada (Robin Givens), Ryan, Mary, Luke and Sophie (Meagan Tandy) must call on every skillset they possess to save the city.  As more about Marquis's shocking, twisted past unravels, a final stand-off between brother and sister puts Ryan's life - and new love - on the line.  And as Alice (Rachel Skarsten) reaches her breaking point, an empathetic Mary makes another appeal on behalf of her sister for the Joker's buzzer, but everyone wonders – is Alice beyond saving?  Holly Dale directed the episode written by Nancy Kiu & Caroline Dries (#313).  Original airdate 3/2/22.

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#2 RE: We Having Fun Yet Synopsiscomic fan 2022-02-11 17:31
I think Jada isn't going to make it out of this season alive.
#1 RE: We Having Fun Yet SynopsisSiggi 2022-02-11 04:08
Sounds like a thrilling season finale! (Hopefully not the final episode of the show).
The title isn't fully correct here.
It should be:
Are We Having Fun Yet?

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