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To borrow a phrase from the Dark Knight trilogy, "some people just want to watch the world burn". That was the very fact that made the Joker so dangerous. Many villains, like Poison Ivy, have a goal that they are working toward. They might not be working legally towards that goal but they are driven by some force. The Joker was driven by chaos! You can't really stop him because his goal is to burn it all down. Also from the Dark Knight, "I'm like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do if I actually caught one". All these facts make the Joker the most dangerous villain in Gotham! Tonight, the penultimate episode of Batwoman season 3, we find out if Marquis is just as dangerous as the Joker! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Buzzed Alice: Alice breaks into Marquis’ office hunting down the buzzer that the Joker used. She finds it in the pool table and uses it on herself. Beth Kane is restored and she wakes up in Mary’s office. We jump forward into time where Beth is on trial for Alice’s crimes but they are dismissed now that she can feel empathy again. Beth heads to Kate’s grave to speak to her but finds Ocean. Ocean declares Beth is not worthy of a happy ending and we learn that all this was in Alice’s mind. Her visions are back worse than ever. 
  2. Alice or Beth: Batwoman is hunting down leads on Marquis. Jada arrives at Ryan's place to find Sophie there. Ryan is still out. Alice heads to Mary's clinic looking for anti-psychotics. Alice is looking for help but Mary blames Alice for allowing her to kill while having Poison Ivy powers. Back at Ryan's, Jada and Sophie go verbal blow for blow. Ryan arrives with Marquis' schedule and they discover a link back to Commissioner Gordon's ex-wife. It looks like the Black Glove Society is involved. When Jada gets into her car to be picked up, it wasn't actually her driver and she is kidnapped.
  3. Mary the Murderer?: Mary goes to the family of the man she killed and she offers information on his death. Alice sees Mouse on her way to visit the Joker’s toy maker. Alice regains control and threatens the toy maker for a new buzzer. Marquis arrives and kills the toy maker on sight. Alice makes her plea for the buzzer but Marquis uses Joker gas on her and she laughs herself to passing out. We return to the Black Glove Society where Marquis has them all captured. Marquis plans to kill them all and force Alice to watch as audience.
  4. Origins of the Black Glove Society: Thomas Elliot's mom was the founder. All the members of the society are very rich and very powerful members of the city but all have children who have murderous minds. Marquis kills Barbara first using the methods the BGS used to try and fix their kids. Alice gets another visit from Mouse and when she went to fight him he disappears. Mary, ready to come clean, finds out that Alice called ahead and took the blame for her getting her off the hook. Batwing gets a lead on Marquis and Batwoman and Sophie are dispatched. Marquis continues killing BGS members. When it's Jada's turn, Alice makes her move to get the buzzer. She fails, and Marquis reveals that the bus he was on drove Kate and Beth's car off the road. "They were born on the same day".
  5. Joker the Envy of Marquis?: Alice makes Marquis an offer that will make The Joker envy him! Batwoman arrives in time to save Jada and Batwing and Sophie take on Alice who now has the buzzer. They are able to take Alice down and get the buzzer. Alice pleads not to go back to Arkham. Marquis jumps in to attack Batwoman who is trying to save Barbara. Marquis gets the drop on Batwoman but Jada is there to chase him off.

In the final wrap up moments, Ryan and Sophie have a discussion on their relationship. Mary and Luke arrive, they’ve lost Marquis. Mary easily figures out that Ryan and Sophie are a thing. Alice is returned to Arkham where she is tormented by Mouse and Ocean. Mary visits Alice to thank her for taking the blame for the murder. Alice reveals that she told Marquis how to get into the bat cave. Next week is the season finale of Batwoman! Check out a preview below:

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A good episode! My looong review can be found in the forum section.

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