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Batwoman has hinted at toxic relationships in the past even calling Renee and Pamela's relationship toxic. We are thinking this is going to place Renee and Pamela at odds yet again. That said, there are now two Poison Ivys and it would seem that their power grew together rather than one taking it all back? We'll have to wait to see what's in store for Mary. The other big elephant in the room is that Sophie kissed Ryan showing Sophie's feelings for her. How will Ryan deal with this new found love? And always the wild card, what will happen when Marquis wakes up? Will Jada have time to save him or does he take the upper hand? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Mentorship: Pamela takes Mary under her wing. She teaches her how to control her powers and Mary targets an insurance claim denier to punish. We learn that Mary and Pamela’s bond seems to be sharing the power and passing the burden of it between them. Alice arrives to tell the team Mary is with Pamela and that they need to go after Renee to get to Pamela. Alice and Ryan get the drop on Renee and catch her escape and Pamela reveals that her big plan is to bring down Gotham River’s dam.
  2. Renee Interrogated: Luke calls in Sophie to help and Ryan is visibly awkward. The bat signal is turned on and it’s Jada Jett. She bargains the Joker buzzer for Marquis’ return. Batwoman agrees. Pamela’s plan is to bring down the dam and Mary isn’t ok with it. She liked owning her power but killing so many people in Gotham is her breaking point. Pamela won’t force her to do it but instead, it looks like she steals Mary’s power back.
  3. Mary is Found: Batwoman is forced to make a choice between paying Jada back or going after Mary and she employs Alice to drive the Batmobile so Ryan can be free to get Mary back. Alice and Batwoman listen in on Renee’s interrogation while driving. Ryan gets more information on Sophie liking Ryan! Meanwhile, Batwoman opens the roof of the Batmobile and jumps onto the ambulance. She is able to get Mary out and free from the ambulance. While Mary is unconscious Alice tells Batwoman that Mary killed the hunter in the forest due to her inaction and thorn stab. 
  4. Sapling Mary: The vine that created Mary was made from Pamela. Renee speaks on Palmela’s behalf that she genuinely cares for Mary but finding Mary in her weakened condition means that Pamela might have taken all her power. Pamela needs Mary to survive and draw power from. Team Batwoman and Alice try to convince Mary to help them against Pamela. Ryan tells Mary that she killed someone. As a doctor, that is the worst thing you can do, even if she wasn’t a doctor, but that seems to get through to Mary. Back at the dam, Pamela kills more workers as she is making progress on bringing it down. 
  5. Pamela and Mary: Mary arrives and sees Pamela using too much of her strength to the point she might kill herself. Mary is the only person that Pamela trusts. Mary offers to give Pamela a power boost. The plan works and Pamela is left weakened but not powerless. Batwoman does her best to take on this version of Poison Ivy. Batwing also goes because he’ll need to try and stabilize the damn. He is attacked in the suit but is able to calm himself which allows the suit to work fully. Batwoman and Batwing are victorious and stop Pamela and save the damn. They gather up a barely breathing Mary and head home. 

In the final wrap up moments of the show, Mary is returned to normal. No more Ivy powers. Of course Mary is quick to blame herself for killing someone but Ryan quickly points out that it was Poison Mary not Mary. Pamela wakes up on a plane with Renee. Renee bets her relationship on Pamela’s love. Renee got a deal for Pamela’s safety. Turns out Pamela and Renee are going to Coriana! Jada plants a story that all the flashback killers are a result of Batwoman’s negligence. The city might turn on her and we hear that the dam broke. The incoming water has awakened Marquis. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#1 RE: Toxic RecapSiggi 2022-01-28 06:56
My review of the episode can be found in the forum.
The trailer looks very interesting! Glad that Zsasz is back in action and looking forward to how Marquis (and Jada) are trying to turn the city against Batwoman!
That will be the last episode before the 2-week Olympic break as it seems.

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