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Does it feel like this season just flew by? It kind of did with the shorter episode order and the covid rescheduling. That said we really enjoyed this season. Bringing in new versions of classic Batman villains was great and the Poison Mary Poison Ivy arc was very compelling. It was a great way to bring in Alice and have her get the sisterly connection without using Kate Kane. The biggest question of the season, however, still remains to be answered. Is Marquis able to become the new Joker? Will he get the buzzer used on him or will Alice claim that right and become Beth Kane again? Nothing left now but to get those answers! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. The Joker: Marquis is hunting down something in the old lair of the Joker. It appears the Joker may have told him about this place. Mary arrives at Arkham to find Alice attempting to buzz herself. Mary found a place that can possibly help Alice become Beth again. The Bat-team is discussing what to do with the buzzer. Mary asks that Ryan use the buzzer on Alice instead. Asserting herself, Mary convinces Ryan to talk with Alice about the buzzer. Marquis has used the Bat Cave tech to announce he will reveal Batwoman's identity in five hours.
  2. Gotham to the Streets: Gotham citizens all head out to the streets for the big reveal. Jada arrives to offer help. She purchases new tech for Luke to use. The team covers for Ryan while she is visiting Alice. The team turns the club into a make shift Bat Cave. Alice reveals what Marquis' real plan is. He wants to dump poison on all of Gotham while they wait to hear who Batwoman is. Marquis is in the Bat-Blimp!
  3. Batwoman in Command: Batwoman arrives to give the team their orders. Luke is going to hack the blimp's controls. Sophie and Mary are going to find a way to get everyone to go back inside using the Bat trophies. Jada get's the Wayne board to reinstate Ryan and push out Marquis. Sophie and Mary arrive in the Bat Cave to hack the airwaves and warn the city. They are going to use The Penquin's hypnotising umbrella to get everyone to safety. Marquis kills the blimp driver and the controls to keep the blimp up.
  4. Brother vs Sister: Ryan finds the bomb but Sophie says there's no way to disarm it. The hack does work though and Gotham seeks cover. Ryan tries to reroute the blimp but Marquis is there. The two have an epic fight that leads to them falling from the blimp. Batwoman uses her grapple to get onto Marquis and his parachute saves them both.
  5. Rooftop Battle: Ryan and Marquis are alive on a rooftop. The Bat-Blimp is boarded by Batwing. He is going to use his dad's AI to steer the Blimp to save the city but he will lose his father's AI. Batwoman is knocked off the roof and she is about to fall when Alice arrives! Alice and Batwoman work out a plan. Alice really wants to change. Alice is committed to changing herself and Ryan uses the buzzer on Marquis. It took too long to get the blimp to the ocean so they are going to down it in the least populated area.

In the final wrap up moments, Batwing emerges as a hero. He helps a child find his mother. Marquis awakes from the buzz back to being himself. Alice, now dressed as Beth, heads for the clinic Mary found her. Batwoman resets the pearls in the container and team Batwoman celebrates. That said, Batwoman reminds the team that Batwoman doesn't rest. The episode ends with a reporter at the crash site. Something comes out of it and attacks her! We see what looks like a bone leg!

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#2 RE: We Having Fun Yet RecapSiggi 2022-03-04 06:33
I enjoyed the season finale! More in my long review in the forum...
Hopefully, this wasn't the last episode of the show!
#1 RE: We Having Fun Yet Recapcomic fan 2022-03-02 19:54
I enjoyed the finale but I'm surprised Jada wasn't killed and Marquis was cured.I thought he might continie a a baddie into next season

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