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We have had such a pleasure bringing coverage of Supergirl for the last four years (yes we were covering the show well before it debuted). Today, we are so excited to bring you coverage for a new powerful female hero, Batwoman! We've been covering Batwoman for a while now but there is something special about the first debut! Just like The Flash did a "soft launch" by being on Arrow, Batwoman is going to appear among the entire Arrowverse (minus Legends) in this epic three night event! Much about the first episode was fun and stood out, here are the elements that stood out to us:

  1. Dr. John Deegan: Dr. Deegan is giving a lecture to a small audience speaking about how he can change the way we help the mentally ill but the audience seems to reject his concerns outright and walks out. Deegan then walks out and is approached by the Monitor. He gives him a book that allows him to alter reality! The Monitor asks for one thing, "Think Big" and thus reality begins to change.
  2. Ivo Labs: Ivo Labs has a hostage crisis and The Flash is needed. Oliver, as the Flash, has to get involved and quickly realizes all of his Flash abilities. He can move faster than bullets and can easily take out the bad guys. Relying on what he knows, Oliver claims the robbers have "failed this city" which was hilarious and the Ivo labs crisis is quickly averted.  We do see an Ivo labs robot seem to activate which could be AMAZO (a robot who can mimic superhero powers). After some tender love and care from Team Flash, Oliver realizes he isn't going to get the answers he needs and heads off to find "Oliver Queen" who he believes might be Barry Allen.
  3. Oliver and Barry Swap: After Barry as Green Arrow dispatches with a few criminals, Barry and Oliver finally meet up. Barry and Oliver, in their opposite bodies, work hard to try and convince the team that they are who they say they are but the prospect that reality is somehow wrong is too much to handle. Iris knocks Oliver (in Barry's body) out with nanites and The Elongated man punches Barry (now Green Arrow) out cold. They are taken to a safe location until this situation can be figured out.
  4. Prison Break: Oliver and Barry are put into a cell at Flash's Star Labs. Of course that isn't where they need to be. They discover that there isn't anyone on Earth 1 who can prove who they say they are. So they need to escape and head to Earth 38. After dislocating a thumb and learning how to phase through solid objects, the only remaining obstacle is Iris, who is persuaded my an honest plea from Barry (in Oliver's body).
  5. Super Cousins: Clark and Lois have been on Argo learning all about Krypton. It has allowed Clark to share his experiences with the one woman he loves and the two have returned to write about the time they shared. Kara shows up to their farm in Smallville so they can talk about her recent departure from the DEO. Clark is about to ask something important of Kara when Barry and Oliver show up. A momentous moment for the Arrowverse as now The Flash and Green Arrow have met Superman!
  6. Amazo Attacks the City: The team on Earth 1 realizes that Amazo is taking the powers of the meta humans he encounters. Team Flash knows that they can't take him alone, they need Arrow and The Flash. Cisco heads to Earth 38 to ask if they could come back to help. Kara, Clark and Lois are there and also tag along. In an epic moment, Cisco asks of Clark "Who are you?" and he so perfectly replies, "A Friend" as he rips open his shirt to reveal the \S/! We got chills!
  7. The Battle for Central City: Superman, Supergirl, The Flash and Green Arrow work as a team to nearly defeat Amazo in one major attack. Superman buries him deep into the Earth but Amazo is able to escape and scans the team for their powers. Now fighting Amazo with the powers of essentially the Justice League, the team is able to work together where Superman and Supergirl hold him and The Flash negates his phasing abilities. Green Arrow, with the help of Cisco, is able to fire an arrow into Amazo that infects him with a self destruct virus and the team is victorious!

Final wrap up moments. Superman decides to return to Earth 1 to make sure that at least one of the Kryptonians is on that Earth to protect it. Kara stays with Oliver and Barry to help address the changes in reality. Cisco vibes The Monitor and finds that he is in Gotham with Dr. Deegan. The three decided they need to head to Gotham to get answers. The episode ends with a pan up to see Batwoman watching over her city!

Let us know what you think of the first part of Elseworlds in the comments below and in the forum!

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