Series Order Likely a Lock at CW

With figures being produced, her introduction in the Arrowverse already done, and the star power of Ruby Rose, it's no wonder that spirits are high and the likihood of a series order seems to be a lock at The CW. released an early look and prediction at the pilot pickup season and from their inside look, Batwoman is just about a 100% yes! We certainly weren't worried. Much like the Marvel Universe is bringing in new characters for movies and letting old ones retire, the Arrowverse seems to be following this successful pattern as well. With Arrow stepping down after a short season next year, there is easily room for our female caped-crusader! If that wasn't enough, here's what Deadline had to say about the pilot pick up chances:

The CW’s Batwoman, starring Ruby Rose, which already was introduced as part of this season’s Arrowverse crossover, is considered a lock, and I hear it already has a writing staff in place.

If it is true that a writing staff is in place, then we are thinking we will learn a lot more at SDCC this year than we previously thought! Let us know your thoughts on this terrific news in the comments below and in our forum!

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