New test dialogue for Kate Kane has been discovered. Two scenes are written. The first seems to be of Kate's alter-ego, Batwoman, facing off against an unknown adversary, (could easily be a Harley Quinn type character but just as easily could be a random villain from Gotham). Kate is looking for Batman and discovers that he is in Siberia! Interesting note, Supergirl's doppelganger is also in Siberia for their fourth season. This could be hinting that Batwoman takes place on Earth 38.

The second scene is of Kate on a date with a woman. They appear to be having dinner in a very old history place where their life-style (being gay) isn't tolerated. Kate lays a smack down on a Maitre D'! Check out the scene dialogs below:

Scene 1:

Adversary: Looks like a bat, smells like a bat, yet, still not Batman. You get that a lot?

Batwoman: Where is he?

Adversary: Batman? I thought that was the whole point of the big gaudy floodlight, flip it on and poof, a hero telegram.

Batwoman: So I’m new to this, do all the other good guys indulge in this side of you? Because really who has the time?

Adversary: Good Point, let’s get down to business. First, tell me why you care. Is it (A, because you are terrified of becoming Gotham’s hero de j’ure? Or (B, all of the above?

Batwoman: (C, Because he’s the only one who might convince me not to kill you!

Adversary: Ah ah ah, Murder is a no no per the bat code section 2 article 8.

Batwoman: Hm, true, but like you said, I’m not Batman!

Adversary: No. Batman knows where the carotid artery is. You’re a tiny touch to the left dear.

Batwoman: I’m not interested in your carotid, I’m interested in puncturing your larynx and ending your speech for the rest of your life. What’s wrong? The idea of insanity is less appealing without words? Tell me where he is or I’ll sharpen this eyeliner with your voicebox.

Adversary: He’s in Siberia.

Batwoman: Get specific!

Adversary: The border of Kazakhstan, that’s all I know!

Batwoman: Anyone teach you how to properly apply eyeliner?

Scene 2:

Kate Kane: Sorry, when I made the reservation I didn’t realize we’d be having dinner in 1959.

Date: Are you kidding? I’m loving this place! Yeah I feel like I’m going to smoke a cigar and objectify someone.

Kate Kane: Me preferably. Preferably after desert because they have molten lava cake.

Date: Mmmm, we’ll see if I last ‘til desert.

Maitre d': Pardon the interruption ladies, but unfortunately, sneakers are not permitted in the dining area.

Kate Kane: Oh these? They’re not sneakers. They’re super rare Jordans one retro high OG’s. But you wouldn’t know that seeing as they are hidden underneath the table.

Maitre d': Regardless they are a violation of your dress code.

Kate Kane: Cool, I have a pair of boots in the car I can just change into so that EVERYONE feels comfortable.

Maitre d': Or perhaps you’d enjoy our lounge outside.

Kate Kane: Because it’s dark and dead and less likely to offend people? No thanks, I’m good, right here.

Date: Maybe, we should uh, just go?

Kate Kane: Oh we will, just as soon as this man admits that my shoes are only offensive because I’m here dating a woman.

Maitre d': Ok ma’am, I’m afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave.

Kate Kane: Are you sure “afraid” is the word you’re looking for? Because afraid means wondering if you’re going to be treated less everytime you go out for dinner. Afraid is being a woman and walking around alone anywhere. Afraid is existing as anything other than a straight white man in the year 2018. So what you meant to say was you felt privileged to ask us to leave to which I’m responding, she’ll have the filet and I’ll have the branzino and we’ll have two glasses of your best scotch on the house in lieu of calling the ACLU.

Date: And did you want that cake?

Kate Kane: Oh no, we’ll just go home and have sex. *giggle.