Title: Meet Your Maker

Directed By: Michael Blundell

Air Date: 1/19/2022

Written By: Caroline Dries and Maya Houston

Official Description: NATURAL DISASTERS – Ryan, Sophie and Luke attempt to track down the OG Poison Ivy when all signs point to Pamela Isley's reappearance in Gotham.  At the same time, Mary feels drawn by a powerful force and Alice suddenly feels very protective of her stepsister.  Meanwhile, Jada hasn't given up on rehabilitating Marquis and seeks the help of an old friend.

Reoccurring Cast: Javica Leslie, Camrus Johnson, Nicole Kang, Rachel Skarsten, Nick Creegan, Meagan Tandy, Robin Givens

Guest Stars: David Ramsey (John Diggle), Bridget Regan (Pamela Isley)