The Jumbled Heroes of Elseworlds

Elseworlds are comicbook stories that allow for alternate timelines and/or different universes where writers can explore big "What If" questions. Flashpoint might be one of the most well known Elseworld stories, but other huge ones are Red Son (currently being explored on Supergirl this season), Kingdom Come, (a world where Joker killed Lois Lane and Superman and turned his back on humanity long enough for a new breed of heroes that kill took over) and Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (An exploration of Batman and Gotham in a Victorian period).

Of course, when you remove yourself from the modern day timeline, the possibilities for our beloved characters become endless. That would seem to be the case for this year's big crossover event as well! In a series of huge instagram posts from Grant Gustin (Barry Allen on The Flash) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen on Arrow), the jumbling of roles looks to be taking place for Elseworlds on the CW! Check out the images below:

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