A Lesson from Professor Pyg Gallery

Things have been amping up on Batwoman, especially with the Jet family. Now we have the gallery for the newest episode to come next week. And it shows quite a number of things, like Renee and Alice having a chat, and from the latter's grin, she's likely got the upper hand in this conversation. On the other hand, we've got the very uncomfortable family dinner going on, where everyone looks they'd rather be anywhere than sitting at that table. Shockingly enough, there's also a photo where it looks like Jada is having some words with her son, and he looks terrified. Check out the full gallery below:

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#2 RE: A Lesson from Professor Pyg Gallerycomic fan 2021-11-06 13:37
The family dinner from hell.
#1 RE: A Lesson from Professor Pyg GallerySiggi 2021-11-06 03:12
Well, looks like that family dinner gets interrupted by some bad guys....most likely from Professor Pyg and his goons.
I wonder why that dinner takes place? Jada was very unfriendly and distant towards Ryan and she has evil plans for her son as well.
Maybe Marcus invited Ryan to the dinner as a surprise?

Well, I hope Ryan can sneak away from the table and change into Batwoman to fight Professor Pyg.
Looking forward to seeing what will happen!
Expecting a LOT after some teasing about this episode. :-)

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