A Lesson from Professor Pyg Recap

A brief moment of silence for our sister site as Kara Zor-El and good friend of Kate Kane wrapped her series last night. Moving on, Batwoman's family drama is getting more and more complicated! With the reveal of the Black Glove Society, fondly referred to by Alice as The BGs, Jada's simple business woman running an empire is starting to shift to more criminal. She wanted to freeze her own son. Anyone else getting some major Succession vibes? Not even that show would go so cold as to freeze one of the siblings! Tonight we welcomed a lesson from Professor Pyg! More of the mystery was revealed and more remains in shadow, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Odd Couple: Alice is staying at Sophie's place. The two are getting along relatively well when Batwoman arrives. A possible Catwoman trophie was found at a murder scene. It becomes pretty clear that it isn't Catwoman's and Alice is instructed to work the case. Ryan has been working damage control since Wayne Enterprises was accused by Jada of being corrupted. For some reason Jada has invited Ryan to a dinner. With Ryan looking to get something to hold over Jada, she agrees to go and takes Sophie. We learn that Professor Pyg is actually the chef!
  2. Struggling Dinner Company: Sophie and Ryan cover their story by claiming to be a couple. Sophie excuses herself to go gather evidence on Jada. Jada is set to make a threat against Ryan but before she can, her son arrives. Sophie's connection to Luke is cut when Jada rounds the corner to find Sophie in her office. Alice is working the case in Renee's office where she discovers Renee's obsession with Poison Ivy. It would seem that Renee want's Ryan and Alice to specifically find her. Back at the dinner, things go off the rails. Ryan's brother's girlfriend seems to be poisoned and is killed by Professor Pyg in the bathroom.
  3. Poisoned: The dinner party is all poisoned with some kind of paralyzer. Jada fired the chef, now professor and he is here for revenge. The poison isn't fully in effect for the dinner guests and they are able to slowly get away after stabbing the Professor. Everyone is able to make it to a secret panic room that Jada has. They all seem to be ok and the night is turned into a waiting game but Marquis begins to have a seizure.
  4. Pamela Ivy: Renee and Pamela were an item before she was turned into Poison Ivy. Renee is still looking for her. She instructed Batman to bury her alive so to slow her but not kill her. She assumes she'll be back. Alice's visions start back again and she excuses herself. Marquis needs medication from the basement. Jada set's a decoy and Ryan goes for the meds. Sophie confronts Jada about her use of the freeze serum. Ryan makes it to the meds but gets trapped under a shelf when Professor Pyg breaks in.
  5. Poison Mary?: Mary is researching the man who was killed with the bullwhip. She seems obsessed with plants and might be under Poison Ivy's influence. Alice asks for Mary's help with her visions. Professor Pyg takes Ryan to the camera to show Jada he has her. Jada comes out in time to stop Ryan's death and the pair begin a fight with Professor Pyg. Marquis is given his medicine and is back awake. He kills Professor Pyg in front of everyone.

In the final wrap up moments, Alice cracks the case and finds out it was Flamingo. Alice and Renee discover that Mary is infected. Ryan goes to confront Jada and we learn that Marquis is a sociopath. He was attacked by the Joker and his behavior changed. Jada wants to freeze Marquis so she can fix him. Check out a preview for next week's all new episode below:

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#2 RE: A Lesson from Professor Pyg RecapSiggi 2021-11-16 05:06
A strong episode!
My review is now in the forum.
#1 RE: A Lesson from Professor Pyg Recapcomic fan 2021-11-11 06:45
I thought this was really good episode.I liked Professor Pyg more on Gotham but they had multiple episodes to work with him there.The big twist with Jada & Marquis was as shocker.

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