A Mad Tea-Party Recap

Alice and Mouse finally make their big move! Just who made it out alive? Tonight was the last episode before Crisis on Infinite Earths and is being billed as the fall season finale since Crisis is so huge and is basically its own thing. That said, tonight really brought a great and very strong first eight episodes of Batwoman together. This has been a journey to discover Batwoman, as well as Alice aka Beth. With so much going on, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Kate Visits Alice: Kate goes to confront Alice about why she hired a guy to try and kill Batwoman. Alice flips on Kate and shows how she set it up that the guy could never be remade and the only tech from the gun that could be used to Kill Kate was handed over to her. Kate pleads for Alice to turn herself in but Kate ends up leaving empty handed. Alice moves her plan forward and gets her gang to kidnap Jacob. Mouse continues his charade acting as Jacob.
  2. Jacob and Alice: Alice finally gets to have her moment with Jacob. Jacob confesses that he should have looked harder, hoped more, tested the DNA himself. Alice finally gets to hear his confession and she thanks him for it. Then, she thanks him for making her who she really is! She is going to have her Mad Tea-Party and he is invited. Kate realizes that Jacob could never forgive Catherine for what she did. She tests her theory that Jacob is actually Mouse by asking him something about his marriage to Jacob. He gets it wrong and proves he is actually Mouse. Mouse, acting as Jacob, then takes Sophie and her husband hostage.
  3. Catherine's Award: Alice has orchestrated everything. While Catherine is giving her acceptance speech, Alice takes over the teleprompter. She forces Catherine to read a new speech since the Crows aren't really there, they are replaced by The Wonderland Gang. After Catherine reads damning statements she faints. After they get Catherine off stage, the Wonderland gang dressed as Crows lock all the attendees in the theater. Only Batwoman can break in. Alice, dressed for a gala, goes to speak with Catherine. She has poisoned Catherine with her own neurotoxin, one that her company never made an antidote to. Alice, however, does have a cure. All she wants from Catherine is an apology for all the pain she caused. She says she is sorry but Alice doesn't believe her. Catherine finally believes her. And awards the antidote. However, there is only enough for one, just when Mary comes down with the same symptoms. Catherine pleads for Mary to take the cure and she does, dooming Catherine.
  4. Batwoman Confronts Alice: Alice runs into Batwoman in the hallway. Batwoman demands to know what Alice has done. She exclaims that she poisoned the poison in their family, Catherine. Batwoman loses her temper and attacks Alice but realizes that she can't hurt her sister. Batwoman is then hit off the staircase by Mouse so Alice and Mouse can escape. Catherine then dies in Mary's arms. Alice has framed Jacob for the murder and he awakes in a car surrounded by GCPD who promptly arrest him and find the toxin. Mary finds Kate after the death and asks one more time, was Alice worth it? Kate agrees Alice isn't worth it but Mary says "too bad it's too late".

In the final wrap up moments of the episode, Sophie is confronted by her husband and asks if she is really in love with him and she says she doesn't know. They break up. Kate notes in her diary that Alice has once again taken her family away from her. She goes to visit Jacob in prison. The two now resolve to stop Alice once and for all. They agree that there is no more Beth and Alice must be "put down once and for all". Next week, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS.

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#2 RE: A Mad Tea-Party RecapSiggi 2019-12-02 12:05
Wow, that was a hell of a dramtic midseason finale!
Will post my review in a couple of hours in the forum.
#1 RE: A Mad Tea-Party RecapRomulus 2019-12-02 08:28
A few words: This was a very good episode, slightly overdramatic in certain parts, but still taut and entertaining. Excellent work by Rachel - Alice is definitely Joker-level nuts plus one. 8)

Next up, COIE...

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