A Narrow Escape Gallery

It's been a while since we've had some new content for Batwoman. We know that everyone is doing their best to survive in this very difficult time. We are wishing you and your family happy times and healthy living. That said, we have a minor amount of new content for Batwoman fans! There are only four new images for the next new episode of Batwoman but combine that with the trailer and you can get a decent idea of what's to come for our caped-crusader. Kate is very ruined from her killing of Alice's tormentor. She is refusing to suit up and as Luke says "when the bat's away, the crazies will play". From these new photos it looks like Luke might be training. Could he be looking to fill the void now that Kate won't suit up? Check out the new images below:

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#3 RE: A Narrow Escape GalleryCatPat 2020-04-18 08:48
Looks like Kate will see a little more of Earth Prime's Luke's muscles. She seemed suprised to see how ripped alternate Earth Luke was in Crisis.
#2 RE: A Narrow Escape GallerySiggi 2020-04-18 03:44
Wouldn't be the first time if more pictures would be released to this one later on....
Because these pictures pretty much show only Luke getting some training.
I bet if he gets into real action, he will get some serious troubles as that would be his first real action scene.
Ok, he looks pretty good in shape for the "tech guy", but he doesn't have the slightest experience yet.
Perhaps he will get into trouble and Kate will be forced to put on her batsuit again?
The synopsis for the episode after this one wasn't released so far. And with that we might know the airing date for that one as well (normally).
#1 RE: A Narrow Escape GalleryRomulus 2020-04-17 17:39
Nice! Thanks for posting them here. At least there's a little bit to tide us over until the episode airs.

Cheers and stay safe everyone! :-)

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