A Narrow Escape Recap

The break was longer than expected but the cast and crew are safe and that is something to be thankful for! Tonight, Batwoman returned to television with new episodes and the quarantine felt a little more bearable now. Executive producer and show runner, Caroline Dries tweeted out that they chose to cut the one minute recap so they could tell more story but that decision wasn't made with the coming quarantine known. To help reset you guys, we thought we would mention some of the big elements of the previous episodes. Here's what will be good to know before we jump into tonight's all new episode!

Lucius Fox's killer was granted a new trial and was set free. Luke confronted him about it but discovered he wasn't the one that killed his father. That mystery persists. Mary self-discovered that Kate was Batwoman during a party Kate held at her new bar. Mary has been attempting to let Kate know who she is and join team Batwoman. Alice captures Cartwright and gives him over to Batwoman. This allows Kate to be manipulated by both Alice and Cartwright and in blind rage for what he did to her sister, Kate kills him. The Kane family is reunited for a time as the three work to dispose of the body. Alice makes her escape and now with leverage over her sister, uses her to help break Mouse out of Arkham Asylum. In possibly the biggest twist, Kate and Jacob used the opportunity to actually trap Alice in Arkham as well. With both Mouse and Alice locked away, Kate breaks down and is consoled by Julia Pennyworth. Jacob continues to investigate a corruption case in The Crows that might be linked to Lucius Fox's murder.

Whew, ok there is a lot going on but boy does it feel good to be back with Batwoman! Here's what stood out tonight!

  1. Sister Troubles: We open on a ideal scene where we see Alice and Kate reunited playing video-games and having an almost "Danvers-like" sister moment but the lights begin to flash and we see Alice realize that she is in Arkham Asylum and is receiving shock-therapy treatment. That isn't the only Kane sister having trouble. We cut to Batwoman taking down a jewel thief. She gets the jewels back and lets the thief go but he takes a swing at her and she drops him like a day old bagel in the garbage. He hits his head and now Kate is terrified that she killed him. She finally gets him to wake up but runs from the cops. This triggers a panic attack and Kate wonders if she can keep being Batwoman.
  2. Enter The Detonator: He's been missing for seven years but he's come back to show Gotham no-one is a hero. The Detonator likes to plant two bombs at a time; one on a possible hero, and one in a crowded area. He challenges the possible hero, in this case, a cop, to disarm his bomb knowing it will arm the other bomb. For our first victim, the Gotham PD officer saves himself and the shame is known to the entire city. After Kate's departure from putting on the costume, an imposter has arrived to help keep the city thinking Batwoman is around. Her tech sucks though and she often is seen at Mary's clinic.
  3. At the Asylum: In Arkham, we see several of the people that Batwoman has worked to put behind bars. Magpie is there, as well as Tommy Elliot. Mouse is working to unburden himself and is working on therapy. He believes that he and Alice are safe there and her family can't hurt them. We jump to Kate returning to the cave. Luke aptly says, "When the bat's away, the crazies will play". Kate needs to return to her role as Batwoman. Luke is training in the cave still shaken from his revelation about his father. Kate and Luke figure out that the Detonator is using 214 as a reference to being dishonorably discharged. Kate heads to confront the person they believe is "The Detonator". Meanwhile in Arkham, Alice taunts Thomas Elliot and gets to steal his shiv.
  4. Second Attack: "The Detonator" turns out to be a copycat. He attacks a heralded defense attorney. The attorney calls the Crows and Jacob is able to buy them time. The attorney's location however is in range of Mary's clinic. No one knows her clinic is there and she isn't getting the help she needs to get the victims safe. Mary starts to cover all her patients with mattresses and whatever she can find to protect them. The all clear order is given and the bomb detonates. Mary's clinic is hit hard and Kate arrives in time to help but finds the fake Batwoman. Kate has another panic attack and during it, Mary comes out and just blurts it out. She knows Kate is Batwoman and Mary gives a much needed pep talk. Back in Arkham, Mouse kills Dr. Butler with the shiv that Alice got.
  5. A Mole Revealed: Sophie, Julia and Luke are able to start to put the pieces together. The person who hired the sniper, who is acting as the new "Detonator" and who covered up the payments the Crows sent out is the same guy, Robles. Agent Robles attacks Jacob in Crows headquarters and straps a bomb to him. On his way out of town, Batwoman catches him. In the final move, we discover that Jacob has a bomb on his chest but the bigger explosion is set in Wayne Tower. Luke shows up to the parking garage to confront his father's killer. Turns out Tommy Elliot hired Robles to kill Lucius. He wasn't supposed to kill him, but when Robles threatened Luke, Lucius attacked him. Luke locks down Wayne Tower, it won't hurt the city if it goes off. Batwoman, now crippled with her fears again has Luke holding Robles at gun point. Luke wants to kill him. In order to stop Luke from making the same mistake she did, she confesses to Luke she killed Cartwright. Just as the bomb is about to go off, Jacob hits the button and Kate, Luke and Robles get to safefy. The bomb can't take out Wayne Tower.

In the final wrap up moments, Sophie is reinstated to the Crows as Jacob begins the major overhaul now that the mole was been caught. Julia Pennyworth joins the team and Sophie and Julia will now head up a task force together. Luke thanks Kate for talking him off the ledge. They are still interested in Lucius' journal. It has all the tech that Wayne Tech has. In a big twist, we discover that the Joker is dead. He hasn't been seen in five years. Luke implies that Batman killed him. Back in Arkham, we discover that Mouse is now wearing the face of Dr. Butler and they are in control of Arkham!

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#3 RE: A Narrow Escape RecapSiggi 2020-04-28 04:28
A very good episode with some issues!
Check out my very detailed review in the forum ;-)
#2 RE: A Narrow Escape RecapCatPat 2020-04-27 07:04
Not my favorite episide but still pretty darn good. We saw Kate struggle with Bat-PTSD, Luke got sone answers, Mary is in, Julia is part of the Crows and whats going on between her and Sophie(?), Alice and Mouse are making it work for them in Arkham and what really happened with Batman and the Joker? Lots of good stuff in this one.

Camrus Johnson confirmed E20 is the season finale during his interview with TVLine.

Can't help but wonder what the Joker did to push Batman over the edge... did he kill Selena Kyle in the Arrowverse? Did he put Barbara Gordon in a wheelchair? Curiouser and Curiouser!
#1 RE: A Narrow Escape RecapRomulus 2020-04-26 19:32
This was a good episode. Enjoyable. :-)

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