A Secret Kept From All the Rest Trailer

Batwoman has been on fire! It seems like every episode has us guessing and we are loving it! At this point, we don't think we'll even be disappointed with the unplanned finale, all these episodes leave us feeling like they are finale level caliber! Tonight we learned some troubling relationships have led to Kate being utterly betrayed and Lucius's diary is now in the hands of Alice. The only thing that is keeping Kate safe is the fact that the diary is in code and now, Tommy Elliot's full potential as Hush has been revealed. Check out the trailer for next week's all new episode below:

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#3 RE: A Secret Kept From All the Rest TrailerSiggi 2020-05-04 21:16
Sooooo many interesting aspects!
Hush in action! What is he up to?
Parkers returns and might help out the team. I always thought that her skills could come in handy one day. Perhaps she will help to encyrpt the journal?
Julia gets kidnapped?! What do they want with her?
Reagan will meet and a not sooo happy Kate.
And Jacob finally meets Batwoman again....and he doesn't seem too happy about it... as ususally. ;-)
#2 RE: A Secret Kept From All the Rest TrailerRomulus 2020-05-03 19:20
Looks really good! ;-)
#1 RE: A Secret Kept From All the Rest TrailerCatPat 2020-05-03 19:12
Looks batastic. Big improvement over the gallery, which we now know didn't want to spoil the reveal of Hush!

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