An Un-Birthday Present Recap

Happy Sunday Batwoman/Supergirl day fans! Tonight we got a great new episode of Batwoman, but first an order of business. With the Superbowl coming up and a few other big ticket tv shows, Batwoman and Supergirl won't be new for at least two weeks. Worry not though, we will be right there with you during the short break! Now on to the new episode, Beth, Beth, Beth, how long can this multi-verse aberration survive with Alice existing in Gotham? Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Picking Up Where We Left Off: Alice is still in prison so this version of Beth is really Beth. Kate nearly kills her until Beth can pull out the pepper spray! Then we cut to Alice remembering what it was like being caged all that time in the basement. She isn't handling her imprisonment very well. After some investigation, the team believes that this version of Beth is actually a multi-verse orphan where they never had the crash. Kate is able to hunt down Beth at the park where they used to get waffles.
  2. Insurance Plan: Alice always knew there was a chance that she could get caught. Mouse goes and gathers the mayor's son and the commissioner's son. Mouse gives the Crows until 9pm to give up Alice in order to save the children.The police don't want to call in Batwoman. It is assumed that it could be due to Batwoman's recent coming out. After a brief re-connection with Beth, Kate heads to gear up and save the kids. Before she can get to them, Mouse hits Kate with a car and traps her in an abandoned car with the other hostages.
  3. Beth Makes an Offer: If Mouse really wants Alice back, it would seem that Beth can provide the perfect deception. With Kate having saved her life on her Earth, Beth is more than happy to attempt the deception. Luke and Beth start working on how to make that happen.
  4. Alice's Backstory: Throughout much of the episode, we get flashbacks to even more of the horrors that Alice went through. Mouse gave her a cat that was quickly discovered and killed. Additionally, her abilities to sew force her into making faces for Mouse. Alice's life in the basement is nothing but horror and tragedy.
  5. Deception Failure: Beth is able to fool Mouse for a little bit but their own code language fails her. Mouse pulls Alice's wig off and just as Beth is caught, Kate breaks free from the car and begins to battle. We cut to Alice in the Crows HQ. She uses the book to pull out a lock pick and escape killing two guards. We cut back to the burning car with Beth and the hostages still inside. Kate is able to get the kids out fast and just barely pulls Beth to safety.

In the final wrap up moments, a protest at Gotham PD demands that the Police turn on the Bat Signal. Batwoman goes to the PD to address her fans. All in all, we have a bit of a prisoner swap. Mouse is now in custody but Alice is free. Beth, Mary and Luke all share a surprise birthday party at the new bar. At the very end of the episode after blowing out her candles, Beth collapses with a terrible headache. Alice seems to share this pain too and we are left wondering what is causing this?

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#2 RE: An Un-Birthday Present RecapSiggi 2020-01-27 13:17
Next sunday: Super Bowl
The sunday after that: Oscars
The sunday after that: Batwoman again (February 16th)
I left a long review in the forum ;-)
#1 RE: An Un-Birthday Present RecapRomulus 2020-01-27 06:11
It was a decent episode. Solid pace and good action sequences. Still going strong. 8)

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