An Un-Birthday Present Trailer

WOW, we are still shocked by that cliffhanger tonight! It looks like the outcomes from Crisis are still coming at us fast and furious! First, did everyone catch who wrote the Catco article on Kate? Can't wait for more Batwoman Supergirl adventures! Looking to next week, it would seem the unexpected arrival is actually Beth, or at least a version of Beth that didn't get captured and turned into Alice! Things are heating up and we are excited! Check out the trailer below:

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#5 RE: An Un-birthday present trailerBatButchDallas 2020-01-23 12:37
Wow, there is so much fallout from Crisis. I wonder what Kate could have done to 'wish' good Beth into existence? Lex had to write in the book of destiny, did she manage to scribble in a margin somewhere? Also, didn't they mention in one of the ep's that multiple versions of a human on the same earth would cause insanity? Y'all help me out if I'm wrong. I still think Mouse is the real villian, yes, Beth is capable, but her motives are different than his.
#4 It needs to get darkerCatoholic 2020-01-22 01:45
I hope that Kates world gets even darker by the episodes now. 8)
#3 RE: An Un-Birthday Present TrailerSiggi 2020-01-21 01:08
Ohhhh, that will be verrrry interesting!
Where is that Beth coming from? What is she up to? How will all react to her? Especially Kate and Alice ;-)
A little uncool that Batwoman is missing completely in the trailer....
#2 RE: An Un-Birthday Present Trailerathena69 2020-01-20 09:31
Also on that CatCo cover from the last episode was "What's Next for Lena? Lena Luthor Spotted in Gotham". I'm guessing she is going to be the surprise visitor mentioned in this episode's synopsis.

Having just also watched the newest Supergirl episode, it seems that merging multiple Earths into a single Prime Earth wasn't quite so seamless. If while at the Dawn of Time, Lex Luthor was able to alter the future universe to his own design, perhaps Kate inadvertently influenced the universe to bring back Beth. I wonder how many episodes this Beth will last, cuz I very much doubt that Alice will let her live.
#1 RE: An Un-Birthday Present TrailerRomulus 2020-01-19 19:18
Looks like a very interesting episode. Should be an entertaining and intriguing hour of TV watching. So far so good as to the progression of the show this season.

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