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Last night Stargirl wrapped up their second season with a bang and Supergirl aired their third to last episode ever! With Stargirl and Superman and Lois moving to the midseason, and Supergirl ending, Batwoman and The Flash along with Legends of Tomorrow will take on the mantle of the Arrowverse! Further cementing Batwoman's place in the Arrowverse, our very own Ryan Wilder is going to make an appearance in The Flash five-part crossover event, Armageddon! Even while saving Gotham from Batman's trophy case, Batwoman can be counted on to save the world along with The Flash, Atom, Sentinel and Green Arrow! But before Armageddon, there's Antifreeze! Here's what stood out to us!

  1. Audience with Ivy: Last episode, we saw that Mary was taken by an ivy vine. She ended up spending the night on a park bench possibly with Ivy. Mary doesn't remember. Ryan was added to the 30 under 30 list of Gotham and now has to attend a party with her brother. Luke remains mad at Mary for benching him and Alice's visions are getting worse. At the party, Ryan weathers the media and Sophie confesses she had a dream about Ryan. As Sophie leaves, her sister is kidnapped.
  2. Alice Seeks Mary: Alice's visions are getting worse and Mary did call her out on it. Alice heads to Mary to give a tip on a Batman trophy. Alice is able to blackmail Mary into a day out of jail. At the party, Sophie goes looking for her sister and enlists Ryan's help. Luke continues to work on his suit and reboot his dad's AI. Sophie and Ryan find Jordan frozen solid and without the use of a freeze tank. Ryan cautions Sophie on moving her or defrosting her.
  3. Invasive Cold Serum: Jordan is taken carefully to Mary's clinic. Alice reveals that it was actually the Black Glove Society who's done all this to Jordan. The BGS is going after Jordan and her team. Sophie and Alice will search Jordan's place and Ryan will work the case at the hotel. As Ryan works at the hotel, her stock price plummets. The rumor Jet planted is targeting Ryan as an embezzler.
  4. Truth Behind the Lie: It turns out that Ryan's embezzlement is true ... in a way. It's the operating budget for Batwoman's stuff. How Jet got info on Wayne Enterprises finances is unknown. Alice and Ryan search Jordan's place and Alice has another vision. Before the pair can find anything, someone in a suit arrives to search the apartment too and Alice and Sophie engage.
  5. Keep the Cool: Jordan is heating up but if she does improperly she could die. Mary is trying to keep her cold until a sample of this new serum is found. Mary has an idea about plants that could save Jordan. Alice and Sophie are trapped in Jordan's apartment with a gas leak. Just as the apartment catches flame, Batwoman arrives to freeze the fire and save the day.

In the final wrap-up moments, Mary is able to save Jordan. Sophie checks in on Jordan at the clinic. Mary thinks that Alice's mind is breaking because of the drugs at Arkham. Alice asks for the team's help to stay out of Arkham to test the theory. Sophie volunteers to babysit Alice. Luke and Ryan's new assistant get a story together with the help of Diggle and Argus. That doesn't stop the board from wanting Ryan's termination. Luke turns on the failsafe again and Luke's dad's AI returns. The suit's AI reports that he isn't ready to wear the suit. Ryan talks with her brother to make a play to keep Wayne Enterprises. Black Glove provides Jada with the Freeze tech. Jada is planning on freezing her son. Check out the trailer for next week's new episode below:

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#2 RE: Antifreeze RecapSiggi 2021-11-05 06:56
Posted my review in the forum ;-)
#1 RE: Antifreeze Recapcomic fan 2021-11-03 19:15
Interesting episode.When they announced Ryan's mother name,I wondered if this was a play on the character of Jezebel Jet from the Batman comics and it looks like it is with The Black Glove stuff.Jezebel Jet and The Black Glove was a major element of Grant Morrisons Batman comic run.I now wonder if Dr. Hurt,the leader of The Black Glove will be introduced on Batwoman as well.Another interesting not,Professor Pyg who is going to be introduced soon has ties to The Black Glove in the comics.

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