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Welcome back Batwoman fans! This Sunday you might become race fans too since the episode is billed as The Fast and Furious of Gotham! That said looking to the images we have for the episode, we aren't seeing much with racing cars. Instead there is a pretty good photo of Black Mask doing his own version of Walter White. One more thing we can gather from these images is that Sophie is going undercover or the character is radically changing her look! There are a few more highlights to see in the eight new images for Sunday's episode, check them out for yourself below:

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#1 RE: Arrive Alive GallerySiggi 2021-04-16 01:54
And another one:

I like the idea of Sophie going undercover. Makes a lot of sense while knowing the trailer for the episode.
Looking forward to Sophie out of her Crows suit.....
I wonder how Alice will deal with Engima? Pretty sure she may succeed where Julia ...well....screwed up.
It looks like Black Mask has maybe a new job for Angelique. Well, as long he needs her...she is safe at least.

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