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We have to admit, tonight's all new episode of Batwoman was a bit more emotional than we expected. While the A plot of Batwoman hunting down the Prison owner and his terrible ways dominates, the Jacob story has a lot of emotional components. Jacob is often a character that is forgotten but as far as Jacob knows, he's lost both his biological daughters, one to insanity and the other to death. Once more, he's had to go through this multiple times. Looking ahead to next week's all new episode, and the last of the new episodes in April, there is a racing component to the story. Fast and the Furious in Gotham was the tag line, check out the trailer for yourself below:

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#3 RE: Arrive Alive Trailerathena69 2021-04-15 19:31
You'd think that Jacob, of all people, would be so vehemently against drugs, that he wouldn't have done that second dose. I guess they're trying to tell us that snakebite is *that* addictive.
#2 RE: Arrive Alive TrailerCatPat 2021-04-13 18:53
Jacob's battle with snake bite has much potential.
#1 RE: Arrive Alive TrailerSiggi 2021-04-12 15:00
Yeah, sooner or later Sophie will figure out who's behind that Bat cowl. And I would say rather sooner....than later.
Her new haircut is no surprise if you follow her on Insta. Seemingly it's just a short-time experiment.
Will be interesting what Enigma will do with Alice's memories! Question is how Alice would be able to control Enigma not damaging her memories further. Perhaps some blackmail to control her?
And Batwoman VS Black Mask should be a LOT of fun :-)
Guess she has to free someone for a second time....

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