Batsuit Differences Coming

To the fans much needed delight, Javicia Leslie shared a first look of her in the Batsuit on her instagram yesterday. While this version of the suit is different in that it was made to fit Javica, it is strikingly similar to the advanced version that Ruby Rose's Kate Kane wore. What was interesting though, was what Javicia said about the suit in her post. "Look out, Gotham, I'm suited up and ready to go... But just wait until Ryan Wilder puts her own spin on the Batsuit." This would imply that there are even further changes coming! We think much like in season one, she will rely heavily on Luke to make the alterations needed. But before that can happen, she'll need to win his trust. What kind of changes are you looking to see?

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#1 RE: Batsuit Differences ComingSiggi 2020-09-27 01:25
The cowl is very similiar, yet there are differences.
There is no black face paint around her eyes.
The cowl now has a chin strap again (unlike the last version that Ruby had).
And Javicia's nose is a even little more covered, but of course that could just be since everyones head is shaped a little different.

For her own cowl and costume I think they could either choose to discard the wig or use a different one.
I read about (Javicias) natural, curly hair may be presented then.
Perhaps they do some changes to the shape of the cowl, but I hope they don't change it too much. It looks good like it is and it should cover enough of her face so it actually disguises her identity (enough).
For example some tiny eye mask with attached bat ears would be my nightmare version :sad:

Also the suit might get different colors in some places?
Even Batwomans (primary) colors must be always black and red.

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