Batwoman Appears on Arrow

Much of the crossover's story has been gathered by bits and pieces of news. Today, however, TV Insider has a chronological story telling of what we can expect. After reviewing the story, it became pretty clear that Batwoman's debut would happen in the second hour of the three night event. This means that fans will have to wait until Arrow's turn at bat on Monday December 10th at 8pm to see our caped crusader. Careful, possible spoilers ahead.

The crossover begins with the freaky-Friday-like event where Barry and Oliver switch places. After being unable to convince their teams that they have swapped, they head to Earth 38 where they hope that Kara will be able to see the two for who they really are. Kara is spending time with her family, Clark Kent and Lois Lane at the Kent farm when Barry and Oliver arrive. It appears that while not directly responsible, the Monitor is setting a series of events in motion that will even affect next year's crossover event! After some investigation, a clue sends the trio off to Gotham. Kate Kane herself, Ruby Rose, had this to say about her role in the crossover.

You don’t get every bit of Kate and every bit of Batwoman. Obviously she’s going to help them, but it’s kind of an inconvenience.

Fans know that this event is meant to act as a soft launch for a potential Batwoman TV show which has already received a pilot order. Fans can keep there fingers crossed that a series order isn't far off after the crossover. For more details on part two of the crossover event, head to TV Insider's article here.

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#1 RE: Batwoman Appears on ArrowMarysocontrary1 2018-11-21 12:57
This makes it sound like she's on Earth 38, not Earth 1 as a lot of people have been assuming. Or possibly on a different one from either that's currently touching both because of what the Monitor is doing.

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