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Fans were treated to a second opportunity to see the Batwoman pilot today! Afterwords, the actors and showrunners (minus Ruby Rose) stepped out to answer a few questions. What we learned during the panel was amazing! First off, we now know who is going to be the second villain in the season. That is none other than Batman Hush's Tommy Elliot! Additionally, we learned that Burt Ward from the 1960's Batman show (he played Robin) will have  apart to play in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Executive Producer Caroline Dries also noted that Supergirl and Batwoman will be very close. They should have a few adventures together and she likens their closeness to that of Oliver and Barry.

We can't tell you how excited we are for this show and where it's going to go! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in our forum!

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#1 RE: Batwoman Panel NewsRomulus 2019-07-21 03:41
Nice to know. Batwoman and Supergirl team-ups sound like a good idea, but it's too early to tell if it will mesh over the long run. The show has to be presented and pick up steam before this really becomes a factor.

Plus with SG's new suit, it will fit with the overall Berlanti-verse shows fully (whether this is a good or poor thing is another matter). Batwoman comes from a very dark Arrow-verse-esque interpretation and application.

As it pertains to Batwoman's story arc, let's put the horse before the cart (let it run and see what the fans think) before we all jump to rash or off-the-mark conclusions. ;-)

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