Batwoman Pilot Filming Wraps

After moving the production of the show to Chicago this week, the final live action shots for Batwoman have concluded. There is still a lot of editing, possible reshoots, and additional content that might need to be created but Batwoman herself took to her instagram to share the news! The tired but ever excited actress has spent the last week doing night shoots in Chicago, most recently Saturday night at Clark Street Bridge. Twitter user MetalJohnRadio was there to capture a few shots of Ruby Rose in her leather jacket and riding her motorcycle. Check out those photos below and visit MetalJohnRadio's twitter for more.

0067 pilotwrap

0067 onset

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#1 That sounds like....Siggi 2019-03-31 13:37
...they did some Batwoman scenes as she is a creature of the night :-)
I guess that we won't see very much of Batwoman in the pilot, but more of Kate instead.

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