Batwoman Pilot Recap With Spoilers

We've shared our first opinions on Batwoman in a spoiler-free way after viewing it at San Diego Comic Con. Tonight, it's time for all of you to see Batwoman and we can't be more excited to share this journey with you! As you know, we first got to see Batwoman in the Elseworlds crossover last year. Tonight we get the precursor to Elseworlds. How did Kate Kane become the female caped crusader?! Before Kate even gets her iconic red and black suit! A lot had to happen to set the stage for this series, here's what stood out to us:

  1. Not the Gotham You Know: Batman has been missing for three years in Gotham. Kate hasn't even been in Gotham for ages, she's been training and learning all sorts of fighting and training techniques so that she can join her father's security group, The Crows. During an event to finally sever Gotham's connection with Batman, a ceremonial turning off of the Bat Signal, Alice and her Wonderland gang kidnap Sophie Moore from her post. Sophie is Kate's ex-girlfriend and her father's right hand man on the Crows. It is her kidnapping that brings Kate back to Gotham earlier than she planned.
  2. Kate Heads to Wayne Corp: After the death of Kate's mother and sister, Bruce was there to help comfort Kate. Kate's connection to Bruce draws her back to Wayne Corp which is now abandoned. The building and its tech/property is stewarded by Luke Fox (son of Lucious Fox). Kate disarms Luke quickly and uses the Wayne Corp security network, the only security network the Crows don't have access to, to get more info on where Alice could have taken Sophie.
  3. Kate and Sophie's Relationship: To give us context on Sophie and Kate and why they are connected, we get a few flashbacks. They were lovers back in the military. They served together before the military rules were changed and were caught by their commanding officer. They were given a choice to disavow their relationship and sign a certified document or wash out of service. Kate laughs at the document but Sophie signs it. Kate is washed out and Sophie continues in the military, Kate's feelings never diminishing.
  4. Kate Goes for Sophie: Kate uses the intel she got from Wayne Corp to find where Alice is. Kate does pretty darn good at beating her way through to Alice but ends up getting ambushed. Kate is then knocked out and hung helpless. Kate and Alice discuss a trade and Kate offers herself as a trade for Sophie but Alice notes that Sophie is the daughter Kate's father always wanted, not Kate and therefore the trade is no good. Kate is once again knocked out and dropped at her step-sister's illegal hospital clinic.
  5. Discovering the Bat: Kate goes to confront her father and notes that all he has ever done is push Kate away, made her train for 15 years for a job he was never going to give her. Kate turns away from the Crows and heads back to her comfort place at Wayne Corp. There, she discovers that Martha's (Bruce's mother) pearl-necklace has been moved. She moves it back activating a secret passage that reveals an elevator down to the Batcave! Upon realizing that Bruce Wayne is Batman, Kate begins uncovering the past. When Kate, Beth and her Mother were in the car accident Batman arrives to save the vehicle. He shoots two one ton hooks to secure the vehicle before resuming his hunt to stop the Joker who stole a school bus full of children. Bruce spent years trying to figure out how he failed Kate. Kate then learns what Batman can do. Batman is so terrifying to his enemies because he can work in his own ways. Kate adopts this idea and asks Luke to alter the Batsuit to fit her.
  6. Movie Night in Gotham: The Mayor, in conjunction with the Crows, holds an outdoor movie night to show the people of Gotham that they don't need to be afraid anymore. Alice has other plans however! She has loaded a Crow's fan with explosives. Alice then forces Kate's father to choose between Sophie or Gotham. Just then, Batwoman appears. She fights Alice while Sophie's life hangs in the balance. When a barrel of water begins to leak, Sophie begins to fall. Batwoman dives off the building to catch Sophie. Sophie is safe and in a brief moment, realizes that whoever just saved her is a woman not a man. Kate returns to where Alice was but Alice has run. She takes a knife Alice left however. As Batwoman departs, the movie-goers notice and the city becomes an uproar with excitement that Batman has returned.

Final wrap-up moments. Sophie and Kate catch up at the Crows' headquarters. Sophie then is met with her husband and Kate is crushed. Kate and her father share a moment and he offers her a job, the same job he said he was never going to offer her. Now realizing how Batman/woman can work outside the system, Kate turns down any job with the Crows knowing what she can do as Batwoman to be much more powerful. She once again returns to Wayne Corp where she begins to analyse the knife Alice left. After a note to Bruce and forgiveness granted to her cousin, she starts to believe that an amulet on the knife Alice had is the same that her sister Beth wore. Could Alice be her long lost sister? Tune in next week!

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#2 RE: Batwoman Pilot Recap With SpoilersSiggi 2019-10-07 13:50
I liked it! It is a pilot, and pilots aren't the best episodes. My review can be found in the forum.
#1 RE: Batwoman Pilot Recap With SpoilersRomulus 2019-10-06 20:32

Well, well done! Looking forward to the next one. The tone, lighting, ambience and possible story angles work well. It's off to a good start. 8)

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