Batwoman Season 1 Debut Date Set

Well here we go! Batwoman is going to kick off her first season on Sunday's just before Supergirl! The duo of superhero-women-shows are going to debut October 6th 2019! Batwoman will of course take the 8pm slot as we learned about earlier. As for episode count many have assumed that the show is going to do 13 episodes. We've seen some evidence to support that but additionally, if the show is well received, additional episodes could be ordered. At this point it is all just our speculation, no official comment from The CW has been given about any of their shows' episode counts.

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#2 RE: Batwoman Season 1 Debut Date SetRomulus 2019-06-17 19:11
Very good news indeed! I am looking forward to seeing it when it airs. Should be a very entertaining hour of TV. And, since Supergirl follows at 9, it'll be a solid 2-hour Sunday séance. 8)
#1 RE: Batwoman Season 1 Debut Date SetSiggi 2019-06-17 14:31
My guess was October 13th which is my birthday.
But, well, as the show starts one week earlier, it is an early birthday present for me ;-)
One week less to wait!

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