Batwoman Season 3 Preimere Synopsis

Batwoman family! It feels like the show just ended last week and we are already ramping back up for season 3! Guess there is a good side to covid. Looking ahead to the first episode of the season, there is quite a huge synopsis to unpack! We know that this season will bring back or reintroduce many of the Batman villains that once terrorized Gotham, but we have a better idea of who those villains might be with the first five episode titles of the season! But first, let's look ahead to the season premiere titles "Mad As A Hatter" and obviously will bring in The Mad Hatter to Gotham! Full synopsis below:

SEASON PREMIERE – As Batwoman (Javicia Leslie) continues to keep the streets of Gotham safe, Batwing (Camrus Johnson) joins in on the action, but Luke quickly realizes he hasn’t quite mastered his suit. Meanwhile, as Alice (Rachel Skarsten) sits hopelessly imprisoned in Arkham, Sophie (Meagan Tandy) fully enjoys her freedom. When Ryan pays Alice a visit to ask about the bombshell she dropped – that Ryan’s birth mother is still alive – Ryan must decide if she should go down the rabbit hole of her past. As Mary (Nicole Kang) prepares to finally graduate from medical school, she feels the absence of her family more than ever. But when an Alice admirer stumbles upon one of the missing Bat Trophies, Gotham and the Bat Team get mixed up in the madness, culminating in a shockingly gruesome graduation…and an equally shocking new partnership. Also starring Robin Givens and Victoria Cartagena. Holly Dale directed the episode written by Caroline Dries (#301). Original airdate 10/13/2021.

Episode titles known so far are:

  1. 3x01 - Mad as a Hatter
  2. 3x02 - Loose Tooth
  3. 3x03 - Freeze
  4. 3x04 - Antifreeze
  5. 3x05 - A Lesson From Professor Pyg

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#2 RE: Batwoman Season 3 Preimere Synopsiscomic fan 2021-09-24 12:22
Legends even more feels like this since they just aired their season finale a couple of weeks ago and they premiere the same day as Batwoman.The premiere sounds good.I'm very curious to see Batwoman's take on some of these villains that were on Gotham.Also,is season 3 only 13 episodes this season?I've heard rumors of that.
#1 RE: Batwoman Season 3 Preimere SynopsisSiggi 2021-09-24 01:52
I'm glad that we now finally start into a season without having to introduce a new Batwoman.
The synopsis sounds promising and I am looking forward to get to know the new characters.
Also..... perhaps we learn what is happening with Julia and Angelique? Will they return to the show?
And what about Safiyah?

P.S. Admin: You should check the title of the post...a little mix-up there ;-)

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