Berlanti: "Ruby Rose Is Terrific as Batwoman"

Many know that once the casting decision was made that launched out lesbian actor Ruby Rose into the world of comics and the DC TV Arrowverse, there was a lot of harsh criticism that lead to the actor removing herself from Twitter for an indefinite period of time. Recently, however, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the father of the Arrowverse, Greg Berlanti and his husband, Robbie Rogers at the L.A. LGBT Center Vanguard Awards where the two echoed and praised the choice to set Rose in the title role. Rogers commented:

Greg would say, ‘What good are those heroes if they don’t look like the world they’re saving?'

Berlanti added:

Whenever you’re bringing change about in any form, there are always conversations that happen. I go all the way back to Dawson’s Creek. Twitter didn’t exist, but we would get boxes of letters expressing opinions in all directions from were we making enough change, should we be making more change, or why did we feel like we needed to do these things? It’s always part of the process, so just focus on the story and make the best episode that you can. [Ruby] is terrific in the role, and we’re excited for people to see the story.

At this stage, the debut of Batwoman is beginning to be filmed in order to be aired this December in the three-night crossover event titled, Elseworlds. The pilot for Batwoman's TV show was ordered and will begin shortly after, but the show has yet to be picked up for a full run on The CW.

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#1 well, honestlyZoya 2018-10-16 20:30
what else do we expect him to say? it's too late now. love how he attempts to downplay the negative reaction and the impact this might have on the episodes, and the subtly blames the fans for not knowing what they should like. The rejection of the RR casting was not that she doesn't look like the world she is saving....what does that even mean?

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