Crisis On Infinite Earths Full Trailer

This is too big not to share on both sites! The following is also on This is the trailer you've been waiting for! A full length Crisis on Infinite Earths deep dive! There is a LOT to unpack here so we'll stick to the basics. First, The Monitor shares with us that there are seven heroes across the multi-verse that can save existence. It sounds like there will be teams sent out to find these heroes and bring them back. The Monitor via Harbinger, has stated that the stand against the anit-matter wave will take place on Earth 38, but later we see that it is wiped from existence! Check out the full trailer below:

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#2 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths Full TrailerRomulus 2019-12-03 16:31
Very nice! Thanks for posting it here. Should be an entertaining December and January. :-)
#1 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths Full TrailerSiggi 2019-12-03 12:05
Interesting trailer that shows only little action but teases a LOT!
So pumped to see how it all unfolds :-)

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