Crisis On Infinite Earths Gallery 2

WOW, we knew there were going to be some blasts from the past in the DC Universe history but getting to see more of Tom Welling's Clark Kent, more of Brandon Routh's Superman and getting a first look at Kevin Conroy's Bruce Wayne is freaking awesome! This is an amazing day for DC Comics fans! There are only ten new images so far, but that is to be expected. They don't want to give too much away! Of course Arrowverse's own, Tyler Hoechlin's Superman makes an appearance too! Check out the images below:

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#3 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths Gallery 2Romulus 2019-11-19 18:58
Lookin' very interesting! Thanks for posting the shots here. Ought to be a jam-packed COIE extravaganza! :-)
#2 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths Gallery 2Siggi 2019-11-19 14:25
Looks more like the "Brandon Routh episode" of the crossover :lol:
And they could/should at least post one Batwoman picture to this Batwoman episode.... :sad:
#1 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths Gallery 2BWomanFan 2019-11-19 12:47
This is getting very exciting!

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