Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 Recap

Earth 38 is gone! Argo city, Leviathan, and a little more than half of the worlds populations all wiped out! Even more so, Oliver Queen has died saving over a billion people on Earth 38. All of that was just ONE episode! We've got four more to go! Tonight we turn our attention to a mystery that has perplexed Batwoman fans since the start of the season. Where is Batman? Will we learn the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne on Earth 1? Which Bruce will come to stop the coming Crisis? Additionally, we get Brandon Routh's Superman, Tom Wellings' Clark Kent and there is always the chance of more secret cameos! If tonight is anything like last night, there is a lot to unpack! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. The Waverider: The team is in a bad spot after Oliver's death. But, as Kate rightly says, the multiverse is still threatened and they need to get to saving it. The team needs a base and the Waverider is exactly what they are looking for. Sarah, however, said her team doesn't need to do any more "crossovers" so Lyla, aka Harbinger, goes to Earth 74 to get a mostly unused Waverider. The Monitor then reveals that via a restored Book of Destiny, he has discovered there are seven paragons that can stand up to the anti-monitor and stop the Crisis. Kara Zor-El is the Hope Paragon, Sarah Lance is the Destiny Paragon, Kingdom Come Superman is the Paragon of Truth and Batman of Earth 99 is the Paragon of Virtue. The team is split in three then. Kara and Kate go to find Batman, Superman, Lois and Iris go to find Kingdom Come Superman, and Barry and Oliver's daughter try to revive Oliver with a Lazarus Pit.
  2. Lex Luthor Gets The Book of Destiny: The Monitor foresaw Lex's plan but it seems to play a part in stopping Crisis. He allows Lex to go. Lex then starts hopping to all different Earths to kill Superman. He kills Earth 74's Superman in a flash then heads to Smallville's Earth 167 to kill Tom Welling. Our Superman, Lois and Iris arrive but are sent away via Lex's book. Lex then uses his Kryptonite rock to bring Smallville's Superman down but it doesn't work. Clark gave up his powers to have a family with Lois. Lex then goes to hit Clark but he is still much stronger! Lex takes the hit, realizes that there's no fun in killing this man of steel and he leaves.
  3. The Paragon of Courage: On Earth 99, Batman went too far! He started to kill his villains and that turned him into the monster he swore to stop. His Kate Kane took up the cape to stop him and try and right what went wrong. Kate, however, died trying to undo Bruce's madness. In fact, Bruce killed the Superman on his planet. Kate continues to try and get Bruce to step up to the challenge. Back on Earth 75, Lex has arrived at the Daily Planet. He changes reality to force Brandon Routh's Superman to kill our Superman. The two Supermen fight but Lois is able to knock Lex out. Then Lois and Iris are able to set Superman's memories right.
  4. The Lazarus Pit: Sarah, Mia and Barry find a Lazarus pit that they can use to revive Oliver. Jonah Hex shows up to stop them from using the pit in his mine. Sarah and Mia are able to stop him pretty quickly and Barry returns with Oliver's body and places him in the pit. Back on Earth 99, it turns out that this Bruce is not a paragon at all. He's lost his mind. He uses his armor with Kryptonite in it to smack down Kara. We cut back to Oliver who's body has been reanimated but his soul is still lost. Sarah tranquilizes him until Constantine can find his soul and return it to him. Bruce on the other hand, has lost all hope. He wants the world to end and doesn't care if the multiverse is destroyed. Kate, protecting Kara, says he'll have to kill one more person then if he really wants the world to end. Kate takes him on but with his aged state he is no match for Kate. With his dying breath he exclaims, "There is no hope".

In the final moments of the episode, it is discovered that "The Bat of the Future" is actually Kate Kane and she is the Paragon of Courage. Kate and Kara share a drink in the back of the Waverider. Kara gives Kate a pep talk and gets her to accept who she is! Kara gives Kate a photo of Beth and Kate together from Earth 99. On that Earth, Beth never became Alice. Constantine reveals that he is losing his magical powers and can't seem to find Oliver's soul. In the very end, Lyla is called to the Anti-Monitor who is growing in strength!

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#4 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 RecapSiggi 2019-12-10 12:00
I will post a detailed review about episodes 1-3 of the crossover tomorrow or the the day after.
For now just this: I really loved the whole evil Batman, Kate and Kara storyline. Kevin Conroy played him well.
On a sidenote: I find it pretty ironic that Batwoman doesn't appear at all in the Batwoman episode of the crossover. I really hope she will return soon in the crossover!
#3 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 RecapBrierrose 2019-12-09 22:37
Quoting kdogg87:
And then there are the 7 Paragons. So far, we've got Kara, Sara, Kate, and Routh-Superman. Who do we think the other 3 are?
I can’t see Barry not being one. My gut says J’onn is going to be one. I don’t know about the seventh maybe Oliver or Jefferson/Black Lightning.
#2 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 Recapkdogg87 2019-12-09 21:15
I love how they are subverting expectations at every turn. People expect Oliver to die in the last part, and he sacrifices himself in part 1 (with the opportunity of revival, but still, nobody expected it). Will his revival be permanent? Will he become someone else? SomeTHING else?

People expected Kevin Conroy to be the Kingdom Come Batman to Brandon Routh's Superman, or an older Batman Beyond-type Bruce. Instead, he's a darker version where Batman went down the road of killing his enemies, and couldn't turn back. It was enthralling to find out about the villains he'd murdered, in addition to any heroes who stood in his way, like his Earth's Superman! And how Conroy's attitude turned, almost on a dime?!? It was amazing.

And Lex's Superman killing spree? Completely out of nowhere, but created a nice sub-plot to work from. I'm curious how Lex's actions play into The Monitor's plan.

Finally, they pretty much confirmed that Brandon's "Kingdom Come" Superman is still, in actuality, an older version of his Superman from "Superman Returns", but with some new, tragic history taking place after the time period of the movie.

And then there are the 7 Paragons. So far, we've got Kara, Sara, Kate, and Routh-Superman. Who do we think the other 3 are?

I'm extremely excited for whatever tomorrow's episode holds, even though I'm sure it'll be some sort of cliffhanger to torture us until the finale on January 14th.
+1 #1 RE: Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 RecapRomulus 2019-12-09 19:32
A few words about COIE Part 2: It was a solid episode and well paced, more cohesive and with a better flow than Part 1. This episode worked. The writing team did a good job on this segment of the crossover.

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