Do Not Resuscitate Recap

Welcome back Batwoman fans! Tonight we were all treated to an all new episode of Batwoman "Do Not Resuscitate". But before we jump into our recap, there are a few house cleaning items that should be noted. The first, there is no new episode of Batwoman next week, that will be pre-empted by The Critics' Choice Awards. Second, when Legends of Tomorrow returns on May 2nd, Batwoman will be pushed to the 9pm time slot. So we'll adjust the countdown clock as necessary. Now on to that Kryptonite wound ... actually, speaking of Kryptonite, if you are watching Superman and Lois, join us at on Tuesday. Now on to Batwoman! Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Desert Rose: Healing everyone who had the Bat attacked with the Desert Rose healed their other ailments. A young boy who was bitten also had stage 4 cancer and after getting the cure, also was cured of his cancer. Hamilton Dynamics are desperately hunting down that cure and how to make it themselves. So far, they aren't succeeding and at the cost of the patients they are testing their cure with. Meanwhile, Batwoman is kicking butt but her injury is really starting to show. She heads to the hospital with her Angelique where they finally get seen by a doctor who prescribes antibiotics and at the behest of Angelique, gets blood tested. Angelique can pay for it with her drug money. Underground, Ocean and Alice piece together that they might have been trying to get the Desert Rose off Safiyah's island and failed. Mary and Jacob are leaving a court room when they are t-boned by a truck. It looks like Hamilton Dynamics might have sent a patient to collect Mary.
  2. Sophie Seeks Ryan's Help: Angelique isn't as untouchable as she thinks she is. Sophie has a case building against Angelique and she goes to Ryan's bar to get her help. She wants Ryan to essentially bug her girlfriend's phone to get to Ocean. In an attempt to shield Ryan from Sophie's investigation, Ryan agrees to get the information that Sophie needs but it's in favor of a blanket protection from Sophie. Hamilton Dynamics knows where Mary's clinic is and that she provided the cure. The patient that they let free traps Jacob and Mary in her own clinic. Mary explains that she can't make more of the cure exposing her secret to Jacob. At Ryan's place, Ryan provides Angelique an out to work at "The Hold Up" but Angelique passes. She enjoys her drug dealing job instead. Ryan is then crippled momentarily by her wound but uses the opportunity to use Sophie's device to get numbers off of Angelique's phone.
  3. Mary's Clinic: The patient holding Mary and Jacob is going crazy. A treatment that was designed to align him with his emotions and allow him to react as others react worked for a week before blooming cancer in his brain. The tumor is pressing on his brain offsetting any cure and making him desperate for the Desert Rose cure. Luke and Ryan have it out in the Batcave when Ryan learns Luke was working with Alice and Sophie to get Ryan back. Mary calls Luke and hopes that her words are coded enough that Ryan will come and save them. As Ryan heads to suit up she passes out from her wound.
  4. Alice and Ocean: Alice goes to call Tatiana but Safiyah answers. Safiyah wants to watch Alice kill an old flame. She offers to tell Alice her past and what she took from her but knowing it will only make it harder to kill Ocean and that is the price for Kate. Alice turns on Ocean in the underground subway. The more they fight, the more they start to remember their time on Coryana. Before Alice and Ocean kill one another (which was questionable as they remembered more and more) Sophie arrives and demands the map. Ocean unrolls the painting and burns it.
  5. Batwoman Suits: Burning the painting reveals the map. Sophie calls Luke to say she's got it. Luke tells Sophie that Mary and Jacob are hostages in Mary's clinic. Sophie arrives first with the map but the patient is too strong. Batwoman gets there and is able to take out the patient while Mary and Jacob escape. Sophie gets held up though as two masked members of the no-face gang arrive looking for the map. Batwoman gives up the map to save Sophie's life. Could this be Black Mask?

In the final wrap up moments of the show, Mary and Luke debrief each other. Ryan is dying and needs the Desert Rose to heal her. Luke and Mary refocus on finding Coryana. To save Ryan, find Kate and unify team Bat. Mary goes to Jacob where Jacob says he's going to shut down Mary's clinic. Mary marches out on her Dad. Ryan and Angelique have an argument in her apartment. Sophie listens in on the confrontation between Angelique and Ryan. Angelique knows that her phone was bugged and walks out on Ryan. The last scene we see is that of Alice "killing" Ocean. She calls for a pick up from Safiyah. Ocean then walks out and we know that Alice used her skills to duplicate his face.

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#4 RE: Do Not Resuscitate RecapSiggi 2021-03-01 13:59
A good episode!
You can find my long review now in the forum ;-)
#3 RE: Do Not Resuscitate RecapSiggi 2021-03-01 13:58
Quoting CatPat:
Ratings, live/SD for Batwoman (477K/0.1), hitting a new low in total viewership.

Yeah, well 3% less isn't a drama. ;-)
Also, the Golden Globes were on, even I don't know how big they were under these circumstances.
Plus the show is already renewed for season 3 :-)
#2 RE: Do Not Resuscitate RecapCatPat 2021-03-01 13:32
Ratings, live/SD for Batwoman (477K/0.1), hitting a new low in total viewership.

So far, episode 3 is the season 2 high (708K/.16).

Comparison: Season 1 averaged 995K/.26 demo.
#1 RE: Do Not Resuscitate RecapCatPat 2021-02-28 20:01
I forgot to pay attention to the end credits. Did anyone catch who performed the cover of Blondie's "Call Me" used in the episode?

That was the most shared screen time between Jacob and Mary yet.

Rachel Skarsten is so in-touch with her characterization of Alice. I just love her mannerisms and delivery more and more. I wonder if whatever Safiyah did to her to "selectively" erase her memories and make her a more efficient killer will get revealed and potentially trigger the evolution to Red Alice?

Overall, an uneven episode. I did like that Jacob came to realize he is basically clueless about the women in his life. I also continue to like the unfolding Alice-Ocean backstory.

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