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Have you been curious about that Kryptonite wound from episode 1 season 2? We almost forgot about it but judging from the synopsis for February 28th's all new episode of Batwoman titled "Do Not Resuscitate" that wound is going to be further explored! Will the team need to reach out to Kara Danvers? Or heck even Superman himself might be able to help with his own show launching soon (we have more on that coming soon). Regardless Ryan's hurt and if she's in pain, she can't be her best Batwoman! Read the full synopsis below:

IT ALL COMES BACK AROUND - As Ryan Wilder’s (Javicia Leslie) Kryptonite wound grows more severe, it hinders Batwoman’s ability to protect Gotham. Growing interest in reproducing the serum from the Desert Rose puts Mary’s (Nicole Kang) and Commander Kane’s (Dougray Scott) lives in danger. Meanwhile, Alice’s (Rachel Skarsten) reunion with a fellow Coryana inhabitant presents unexpected complications. Also starring Meagan Tandy and Camrus Johnson. Holly Dale directed the episode written by Caroline Dries and Daphne Miles (#206). Original airdate 2/28/2021.

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#2 RE: Do Not Resuscitate Synopsiscomic fan 2021-02-13 13:26
Sounds like a good episode.I wonder if the kryptonite wound plot will last all season or will it be resolved mid-season?
#1 RE: Do Not Resuscitate SynopsisSiggi 2021-02-12 02:46
Hmh, glad the Kryptonite wound is being a topic again.
I can see two solutions for that: Either the Desert Rose thing works on that....or she needs some help from National City ;-)
I guess the first option is the one they take.
Also, I do wonder who that former Coryana inhabitant is?

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