Do Not Resuscitate Trailer

The drama just keeps on building, and we're sure the fallout will be explosive to say the least. With Ryan back with her girlfriend, things are bound to get murky and lines will likely be crossed, if the past seems to be any indication. Meanwhile, the trailer indicates, as the synopsis hinted at, that Mary and Jacob will be held hostage due to what they know about the Desert Rose. Also complicating matters is Ryan's Kryptonite wound. Check out the full trailer below:

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#1 RE: Do Not Resuscitate TrailerSiggi 2021-02-23 12:56
Ohhhh, a lot of promising stuff going on!
Ocean + Alice, Ryan + Angelique, and Jacob and Marry as prisoners?
What happens in that scene where Batwoman holds her cowl in her hand is screaming/crying?

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