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Tonight we got to see Down Down Down, essentially the third part of the story to getting Batwoman officially ... well, Batwoman! This was the first official time we've seen Batwoman in her iconic red and black suit, at least outside of the Elseworlds crossover. Speaking of Elseworlds, we are also now starting to catch up to the rest of the Arrowverse's timeline! Batwoman has answered the call of Gotham and become the hero they need, but in her own way! That's not all that happened tonight though, here's what stood out to us!

  1. Alice and Kate: The episode opens with Alice remembering what we think was a memory of hers after the crash. A face floats to the surface of a well and Alice wakes up! We cut to Alice shining the Bat Light onto Wayne Enterprises essentially calling her sister out. Kate notes that because her sister knows who she is, she's lost her advantage. Kate and Alice discuss their new roles on the top of the building that has the Bat Light. Kate dares Alice to go 24 hours without killing someone and she might let Alice's boyfriend return to her.
  2. Tommy Elliot: Tommy Elliot makes his debut. Kate walks into Wayne Tech where Tommy is already sitting in her chair. Tommy was a childhood friend of Bruce's and seems now a competitor in business. He wants to outdo Bruce and is celebrating that he now has more money than Bruce. He also comes to invite Bruce to celebrate the opening of a brand new building he bought. He hints that now that Batman is back, so too should Bruce be back. Does Tommy know?
  3. Batman Gets Called Out: After someone has stolen a piece of Wayne Tech that seems designed to call Bruce out (a rail gun strong enough to get through the Batsuit), Batman gets called out as well. Someone has killed a man, dressed him up as Batman and thrown him off a building. On the wall a message is painted "Come out, come out, Batman". Kate sees the message and notes that the city is now even less safe because Batman's enemies are back. Because Alice and Kate have a deal not to kill for 24 hours, someone else is hunting Batman.
  4. Tommy's Party: Kate, Mary and Sophie all ride in the elevator together. Kate throws a little shade at Sophie and heads to get a drink. She meets the bartender Regan who she flirts with a bit. Kate then heads to talk to Tommy. She is there to show Tommy that she isn't afraid of him, however, Luke would have preferred that she go to intimidate Tommy as Batman.
  5. Alice Kills Before the Deadline: Alice sneaks into Jacob's apartment. She kills a crow who was working there and starts to walk through her dad's world. She plays the piano, the cello, and then calls her dad. She basically taunts her dad to come get her, which ironically was something he couldn't do 15 years ago.
  6. Tommy Makes His Move: Tommy's mom was saved by Batman some time ago. Turns out he didn't want her to be saved, he wanted the inheritance. Tommy knows Bruce is Batman and because he thinks Batman is back, he wants Batman to face him on the roof of his new building. But as we know, Batman isn't back and Kate needs to account for her actions running around the city as Batman. Tommy is going to kill more and more people by dropping elevators in his own building if Batman doesn't show. Kate decides to go but she arrives as BATWOMAN! Kate and Tommy face off on the roof.  She is able to get the upper hand and remotely stop the rail gun. Tommy then starts to drop more elevators and Kate is able to save them using her Bat Tech. However, Tommy is in a position to kill Kate by breaking her grip but Alice shows up and saves her. Alice and Kate square off and Kate lets her know that if she keeps killing, Batwoman will stop thinking of Alice as her sister.

Final wrap up moments. Regan asks Kate out in front of Sophie, Tommy is sent to Arkham instead of jail. Alice sends a message to Katherine via playing cards that seems to have her spooked. Jacob is starting to think Alice might actually be Beth. In the final moments of the episode, Kate reveals to the city that it's not Batman that is back, but Batwoman!

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#2 RE: Down Down Down RecapSiggi 2019-10-21 14:08
Great episode!
Left my review in the forum ;-)
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I enjoyed the episode and it held its cohesion in terms of plot, story arc and plausibility. The suit reveal was a nice touch.

Looking forward to next week's offering. :-)

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