Elseworlds Sneak Peek

Here we go, we have the first sneak peek from the epic three-night event Elseworlds. As we know, the crossover kicks off with Barry and Oliver waking up in each other's bodies. Unable to convince the folks around them that they are who they say they are, they naturally go to seek out each other and see if their counterpart is also experiencing the Freak Friday event. Judging by the photos in the sneak peek, the whole world sees them as each other. Check out the video below:

Let us know what you think of the sneak peek in the comments below and in the forum. If there are new sneak peeks we will add them here.

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#1 RE: Elseworlds Sneak PeekBWomanFan 2018-12-07 17:14
This looks like fun and really like your "Elseworlds" header. Nice touch!

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