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Are you a new fan to the Arrowverse and were attracted to the ever-growing universe because of the announcement of Batwoman? Well don't forget, Batwoman has already made her debut in a three episode crossover event called Elseworlds! If you missed it but want to see Ruby Rose in action as Batwoman before the show's debut this fall, then you can now watch Elseworlds on Netflix! When the season ends for Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash (the three needed shows to watch) they become available on Netflix a week later. To watch the crossover, you'll need to start with The Flash's season 5 epiosde 9, then watch Arrow season 7 episode 9, and finally Supergirl season 4 episode 9. Batwoman will appear in the Arrow episode mostly but also at the end of Supergirl. This also sets up the major crossover event coming this fall, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" which will be 5 hours long and include all the current Arrowverse shows, especially Batwoman!

So there you have it folks, you've got homework to do before Batwoman debuts this fall! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and in the forum!

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#1 RE: Elseworlds Streaming on NetflixRomulus 2019-05-30 19:37
Nice to know. For those who missed it the first time around, this is a nice introduction to Batwoman and the wider Berlanti-verse.

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