Extened Elseworlds Trailer Features Kate Kane

You've seen her as Batwoman as she kicked butt all across Arkham Asylum in the trailers we've seen so far. Tonight, amid The Flash's 100th episode, The CW debuted the extended trailer for Elseworlds and we got our first look at the other Ruby Rose persona, Kate Kane. It is mere seconds long, but we can see how she looks and a bit about how she acts. As you may know, Caroline Dries, who is actually developing Batwoman as a show, wrote the story for the parts that Batwoman is in and we are going to get the best indication on what Batwoman the show, will be like from these story elements. Now that the news is reported, WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!! This is going to be amazing!

Let us know are you excited too? Comments are below and the forum is alive!

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#1 Finally a real "trailer"!Siggi 2018-12-05 00:17
Finally a real trailer with a solid length! And good to see some split-seconds of Kate Kane. I wonder how Kate and Batwoman will behave towards Flash, Arrow and Supergirl...
...and if Kate or Batwoman will reveal the secret identity to them. Or if they will find out otherwise.

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