Fair Skin, Blue Eyes Trailer

Things are ramping up on Batwoman. We've gotten more than few surprises and twists thus far, and from the looks of the next trailer, we have barely scratched the surface. Keeping in mind that we'll have to wait for an extra week for the next episode, February 14th's episode is shaping up to be quite action-packed. We'll likely take a dive into Ryan's past, based on a new 'Bat Mission' given to her by a kid whose brother is missing. Meanwhile, Alice and Sophie are potentially (or begrudgingly) teaming up. Check out the trailer below:

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#2 RE: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes TrailerSiggi 2021-02-02 00:01
Hmh, ok, some kid snatching villainess and Sophie and Alice teaming up.
Pretty mysterious.
What I don't like in this season is the fact that the trailers have only 15 seconds worth of actual footage from the episode.
That is just not enough in my opinion. Yes, I don't wanna be spoilered big time, but a little more would be cool.
Like in season 1, where the extended trailers always had 22 seconds of footage. These just showed just enough.
#1 RE: Fair Skin, Blue Eyes TrailerCatPat 2021-02-01 16:41
I hope we get more Kate news!

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