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Last night, Batwoman made her grand entrance into the Arrowverse and we couldn't be more excited. Initial reviews from many of the major entertainment sites and on social media hail Ruby Rose's portrayal of the Crimson Caped Crusader as 'brilliant'. We found the special bond between Supergirl and Batwoman especially heartwarming and are hoping for more from the 'World's Finest' in the future. Of course at the end of the episode, reality was rewritten yet again and this time the heroes were dealt an even more difficult hand. Here's what stood out to us:

  1. Deegan Becomes Superman: When Deegan tried to use the book of destiny last time, he wanted to become the Flash. He failed because he wasn't experienced enough with the book. On the second attempt, he was exposed to Supergirl who has even more powers than The Flash. Deegan takes Supergirl's powers and becomes Superman. Or at least a male version of Supergirl that looks like Superman. Because Kara is not from this Earth she isn't really rewritten but she is trapped in a power dampening prison. Deegan as dark Superman, says that everyone is changed this time and agent "Danvers" reveals herself and triggers a sound blast to hurt Kara. We aren't sure yet who this Alex is.
  2. Good is Bad and Bad is Good: The Monitor sees a bit of potential in powerless Barry and Oliver. He takes them to his dimension to give them the "glass half-empty" talk. When returned, Barry and Oliver realize that the bad guys are good and vice versa. The Trigger Twins head to the gangster bar to seek out Cisco so they can go to Earth 38 and get the real Superman. When they get there, they find out Cisco is actually the criminal boss and James Olsen, now Jimmy Olsen Worst Pal of Superman, is working for him.
  3. Superman Returns: After Barry is able to bank on an emotional connection with Cisco, Oliver, Cisco and Barry are able to head to Earth 1. They arrive in the Fortress of Solitude where Superman and Lois are doing .. something? They are able to explain what is going on and after a silly moment where Superman wonders if Cisco is actually Kara, both Lois and Clark agree to head to Earth 1 to help set reality right. In the meantime, Kara is able to reach Alex and the two's familiar bond returns even if Alex is native to Earth 1. Alex instantly calls Kara her sister and when they run into Dark Superman, Alex remains by her side. Just then, the real Superman arrives to have a word with 'Dr Deegan'.
  4. The Battle of the Supermen: The two Supermen fight throughout Central City. Deegan, now going full villain, decides to use the same weapon Barry and Oliver used against him. He attacks a police helicopter. The Real Superman is able to save it but gets caught off guard. Meanwhile, Kara, Earth 1 Alex and Barry find the book again. Kara attempts to change reality but doesn't know how to do it. She speeds the book to Clark who is able to restore Barry, Oliver and much of the city before Deegan closes the book again and takes off as Dark Superman.
  5. Oliver's Gambit: Things are going too far, way too far. Clark knows that if Barry and Kara try to slow time down they will both die in the process. The two do it anyway as the heroes they are. Oliver calls on the Monitor to plead for them. He says he finally knows who he is and there is too much darkness in him to protect the Earth. Earth needs better heroes and Kara and Barry are those heroes. They inspire hope. Superman, now joined by Brainy, J'onn and Lois take on Dark Superman.
  6. The Arrow: Oliver is able to arrive in time and shoot the book of destiny, stopping all of the reality altering moments going on. Supergirl and The Flash don't run/fly themselves to death and Brainy is able to quickly deal with the new Amazo by ripping out his motherboard.

So much happened in the last few scenes! Where do we start! Clark and Lois have to leave Earth for a time because Lois is pregnant! She can't bring the baby to term if she is on Earth, he could kick through her. Clark and Lois will stay on Argo for the time being. That said, Clark passes the torch to Kara. Supergirl will be the only Kryptonian on Earth for a while. Next up, we have Clark and Lois in the fortress preparing for their trip. Clark crushes a piece of coal into a diamond and asks Lois to marry him. All he can get out is her name before she jumps into his arms and says yes! Barry and Oliver share a drink after the long ordeal is over. The two, having been each other, have a new perspective on what it means to be a hero. Oliver gets a phone call from an unknown number and it's Batwoman. She let's him know that Deegan has made a new friend, Psycho Pirate! The crossover ends with the promise of Crisis on Infinite Earths next season!

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Let us know what you thought about this episode and the entire Elseworlds story in the comments below and in our forum!

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#1 underwhelmingZoya 2018-12-11 21:51
I didn't find her performance brilliant, I found it rather blah. she was upstaged by her own suit. very limited dialogue, stilted and overly aloof scenes, and I don't know how standing still staring would be considered a command performance. Scenes with Kara were very one sided with Kara bringing the charm and warmth and charisma and RR looking like she was really out of her league. Can't imagine that they are excited to push ahead with a pilot for that. There was also a lot of hype for what was really a limited roll out of the character, the Deegan character had a much meatier role and showed far better range....

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