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Just found this link indicating that there is no firm UK airdate for Batwoman yet, but if history is any guide for other CW shows that a British TV service provider will pick it up anywhere from a week to a couple of months thereafter. As an indication, SKY picked up Supergirl shortly after it aired in North America back in 2015/16.

Fret not, UK fans. Once SDCC airs the pilot in July, it is likely there will very likely be a bidding war for the airing rights in various territories (outside of the US and Canada). It is very possible that the UK will jump aboard early and air it in quick succession after the NA airing or they may wait. They tend to be finicky in this regard. Although they have been more receptive to CW produced shows and consumer demand as of late, it boils down to hard negotiations with Warner Bros and various International outlets.

As for the Australia / New Zealand airings, history has shown that they tend to follow the North American pattern and air it shortly thereafter (owing to time zone/date differential) the US showing but this is also TBD.

In relation to other territories, they may air shortly thereafter or they may wait a full season (such as France, Germany, Russia and various other European / Global markets) before picking it up, owing to dubbing issues and broadcasting rights negotiations with WB.
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