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  4. Saturday, 21 August 2021
I posted this on the forum.Supergirl wrapped filming forever on August 6,2021.Most of the cast had returned home after that.For example,Melissa Benoist attended the Day of Indulgence.event last Sunday in L.A.Now the Flash five episode crossover like event began filming Monday so it's unfortuantly unlikely Melissa/Supergirl will be appearing since I doubt she would leave the country only to have to come back shortly after.However one Supergirl cast member has stuck around Vancouver.And that's Azie Tesfai who plays Kelly Olsen and soon to be
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the new Guardian come Supergirl 6x12

Azie made this post on Instagram yesterday,August 20,2021.

So Azie has been in Vancouver longer. Gotta wonder if she was involved in filming on The Flash.

And damn girl you picked a fine photo! ❤

Enjoy getting back home.

Camera with flash Azie Tesfai Instagram story.

So she stuck around Vancouver two extra weeks.I also saw this.

And Azie Tesfai, our Guardian, remains in Vancouver Eyes

The original photo was posted by Camrus Johnson

And this.

Camera with flash Azie Tesfai Instagram story.

#Supergirl #Batwoman
Translated from Dutch by
Camera with flash Asia Tesfai Instagram story.


And this

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Batwoman Brasil Bat

A few days ago, Meagan Tandy posted a Stories featuring National City Police vehicles, and fans are theorizing that some character from #Supergirl can appear in #Batwoman !Eyes

Sure seems like there is something going on if not Flash related but maybe Batwoman related?Could Kelly be appearing in a episode of Batwoman this season?
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Hah, at first I thought you were talking about Spoiler the character being in season 3 of Batwoman :D
I would LOVE that and surely hope that Stephanie re-appears in season 3 after her introduction in season 2.
And putting on the costume in season 3 would surely be fantastic.

But yeah, besides Batwoman (seemingly) appearing in the Flash show I would like to see other characters from other Arrowverse shows as well as it is always nice to have some connections.
I saw that National City police car on Twitter as well.... hope that was a real clue ;)
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