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  4. Thursday, 25 July 2019
I just got my copy of the "Comic Con Special" from the editors of the TV guide.
One information was particular interesting, and I didn't read that elsewhere so far:
[SPOILERS ahead]
"....Dries sees "Elseworlds" as happening between the third and fourth episodes of Batwoman's Season 1"

Well, and I would say the info is solid when it comes from Carlone Dries, the executive producer of the show.
Now I am curious if they will use all 3 episodes before the Crossover takes place as introduction to the character, perhaps with a lot of flashbacks.

I hope there will be more info soon, as the Comic Con didn't deliver much in that direction.
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I think you are 100% right. I can tell you that you don't even see the Batwoman suit like you do in Elseworlds in the pilot.
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