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Sorry for the delay....but I had some problems since my internet conncection isn't working right now, it seems the cable(s) got damaged in another apartment in my neigborhood on monday....but I found a solution that will do it for now.

"General" (with spoilers):
After the little rushed pilot episode this one feels like a "normal" episode. There are still some flashbacks to fill in some of the many gaps that the first episode left open. I am pretty sure that we will get more of them to learn more about the past of the figures, especially Kate's.
The episode is centered around the relationsship between Kate and Alice/Beth and establishes the relationsship. Kate wants to be sure if Alice is her long lost sister while the Crows target Alice and want to put her down for good.
All in all I really like the episode. As expected now the story really gets going. The action between Kate and Alice is well done and shows this pretty unique setting. Kate wants to save her sister while the "Batwoman part" in her wants to put Alice down.
There are several highlights for me in this episode.
1) Kate meets Alice near their old favorite place. Great atmosphere and interesting dialoges!
2) Chuck visits Mary in a really good "Shining" homage. The only thing that was missing is him saying "Here is....CHUCK(Y)!" with his head in the damaged door ;-)
3) Batwoman saves Alice from drowning ...and thereby Alice finds out who is hiding under that mask (very close eye contact). Cool Gadgets!
4) Kate finds a hint that Alice knows now that she is Batwoman. A cool bat and great reference to the comics ("You have your fathers eyes";)
5) The revealtion at the end (Catherine). That will get interesting! What is she up to?

Like in the first episode I really enjoy the score! Helps really the push the dark atmosphere.

>>> Rating "General:" <<<

(4 out of 5)
>>> Alice and Kate/Batwoman...that is and will be a great duel. A really GOOD episode! <<<
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