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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

Will Sophie and Batwoman become a "thing"? And villainess with a boxcutter likes to cut up faces!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):
1 – Horror, heartbreak and comedy - This episode had a special mix for sure! Duela Dent cuts up faces, Batwoman and Sophie struggle with their new relationsship, Sophie gets confronted with her mother and some funny comedy moments.
2 – Batwoman and Sophie on the balcony - That was a hot scene! Even Batwoman was there to explain to Sophie why they couldn't be together....Sophie turned her around and Batwoman couldn't resist. Who knows what would have happened if Sophie's mom hadn't shown up? ;-)
3 – Mary trying to get Kate to open up and confessing to her that she's Batwoman! Mary didn't actually directly confronted Kate about her being Batwoman. She rather choose to push Kate into admitting it, which hasn't worked yet, but it seemed that Kate actually thought about admitting it to her, as she may already understood that Mary knows her secret. Looking forward to see how this issue will go on.
4 – Sophie and her Mom - So far her mom was only mentioned. Now she does not only stumbles into the scene with Batwoman and her daughter kissing on the balcony.....she gets a "confession" from Sophie. It was a very strong scene as Sophie told her that her marriage with Taylor was only a facade to "keep the face" and that she actually is gay. A disaster for her homophobic mother. But I think Sophie will be really relieved that the truth is finally out.

I really liked the early scenes with Luke + Kate and Mary + Sophie. Kate and Sophie are both in really good mood and these conversations were shown in small pieces practically "parallel". Funny how Mary was suspicious about Sophie's good mood, especially as she was just suspended. Sophie is normally very sincere, so Mary was quite suprised. Of course Sophie, the chatterbox, tells again Mary everything about Batwoman. And Mary knows now much more about Batwoman...but luckily she didn't tell Sophie, who doesn't know who's behind Batwoman's cowl (thank god!). Meanwhile Luke tells Kate how dangerous that relationsship would be. Very important!
The Crows seem to have a big problem in their own ranks as there the murderer of Luke's father Lucius was convicted by a crooked judge (which was mentioned in ep6). I wonder how this will play out. Besides Jacob and Sophie there aren't really any characters that we really know so far. So hard to tell who that "leak" in the team Crow is. But when the allegedly murderer from Luke's father will be set free, what will Luke do? I guess he and Batwoman will start a hunt for the real killer.
As always I really enjoyed the teasing between Luke and Batwoman/Kate. Especially the scene where Batwoman tells Luke that she would place a Batarang in his..... if he would turn on the new "Cowl-cam" on without her knowledge :-)
The dialog between the shrink and Alice was very interesting. But even his good analysis didn't save him.....
The scene with Alice and Mary was also important. Now Mary knows that Alice knows Batwoman's secret identity! I'm sure that will be important in the future! Loved how Alice enjoyed her seemingly advantage in knowing that secret. Luckily Mary didn't admit her knowledge....that would have been pretty disastrous.
Duela Dent, seemingly the niece(?) of Harvey Dent(!), was a solid villainess. Ok, her hobby of cutting up social media influencers isn't very nice....but it was a good little sideswipe against the superficial branch. The line from the victim that was saved by Batwoman was very fitting: "Tell me someone got that on camera!":-)
It was a little "excessive" from Alice to cut off Duela's face just to confront August with it for some seconds , but ok, it showed how bat-**** crazy Alice is. ;-) . And seemingly Alice needed that to unsettle her tormentor.
Sophie had a real emotional rollercoaster episode. A short affair with Batwoman, a breakup (more or less), a team up with Batwoman, and then the big battle with her mother.
It will be really interesting what August's plans for Mouse are as he pumped Mouse full of fear Toxin (Scarecrow hint?). I guess he wants to break him, so Mouse would need him again? Either way, August is the villain who everyone of the audience really hates, as he is pure evil.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<

(3,5 out of 5 – A good, pretty dark episode with a lot of interesting aspects! And quite a lot of Batwoman in it!)

A pretty dark one with some horror scenes as well as heartbreak scenes. A good one with a lot of Batwoman in it!


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