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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

After all the Beth/Alice drama a new thread to Gotham shows up! A vampire!

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):
1 – Nocturna as villain of the week! I really like vampires, and Nocturna is a great enemy for Batwoman! She is very hot, seductive and also not bad at fighting.
2 – The action scenes between Batwoman and Nocturna! Their fight very rather short....but several ways ;-)
3 – The last dialog between Kate and Alice! Wow, really loved that, especially as Ruby delivered some great lines perfectly as she lists all the reasons why she shouldn't have tried to get her old Beth "back".
4 – Mary (seemingly) finds out that Kate is Batwoman! As Mary puts several facts together she realises that her (half-) sister is Batwoman. I think that that maybe can still somehow "reversed". Somehow I think that Luke and Kate can come up with an explanation why Mary's conclusion isn't right!
5 - Sophie kisses Batwoman! I expected it somehow to happen as they were getting closer and closer (literally) in scenes in this and the previous episode. What a finish for the episode!

Regarding Nocturna: Her role added some fine elements to the episode/season! Finally the first "supernatural" elements made it into Gotham. The comics have a lot of these and it was a matter of time until these made it into the show. Also her role was and seductive! The first scene with the tied up dude was a nicccce way to start the episode as she was climbing onto the bed in overknee boots and a mask! :-) . There was always some sexual tension when she was on screen. I love her scenes with Batwoman, as they offered good action and also some sexual tension. Nocturna was a pretty "grounded" vampire as she didn't show any supernatural abilites besides her fangs. I rrrrreally hope she does return at some point for some episodes!
What I didn't 100% get was WHY Jacob was released from prison?! The last plan was that Dr. Campbell should testify on his behalf that it was possible that someone else with Jacob's face was impersonating him and thereby putting him in prison. But why would the Dr. do that? Especially as this Dr. is the masked August Cartwright....Mouse's evil father who broke Mouse out from the hospital. But maybe I missed something....
The episode had some really funny scenes: Luke reminding Batwoman that he was still there as she said that she worked alone. Mary trying to hook up Sophie in the bar. Kate's jealousy as Sophie was talking to that other woman. Mary happy about she got cookies from Batwoman.
Kate's bar the "Hold up" is now finally open! And we saw a lot of folks who were dressed really sexy and/or ....well....."alternative". Especially Sophie had a really sexy dress, quite a contrast to her buisiness clothes/uniforms as a Crow member! No wonder Kate gets jealous ;-)
It will be really interesting how Sophie will handle the new situation with Batwoman. She is really into her but as a member of the Crows she is supposed to be an enemy of her! And Jacob was really angry about her helping Batwoman in this one. He still wants to bring down the masked vigilante. And the teaser for the next episode showed that this will be a BIG problem for her and Batwoman, who can't really have a girlfriend as it would endanger them both!
I really loved the sexual tension between Batwoman and Sophie and also Batwoman and Nocturna! They came very close to each other.....
There were a lot of close calls for Batwoman in this one regarding her secret identity! Nocturna could have unmasked her as she was out cold and later tied up. Also Sophie could have used that situation to unmask her. But the approaching Crows didn't leave time for both to really think about it. Also, as Sophie and Batwoman were kissing....her fingers already touched Batwoman's mask! I wonder if that scene gets continued right there in the next episode... ;-) .
I think it was pretty reckless for Batwoman to unmask herself in that abandoned warehouse. Ok, the chances that someone would appear there and see might be slim....but I think that is dangerous and it was very "unnecessary".
And last, but not least: Alice! Alice talking to an imaginary Mouse was quite funny/weird/interesting. Also her plan to send Nocturna after Mary, seemingly to get rid of her. But in the end she redeemed herself for that by donating her blood to Mary. Will that affect Mary? I guess she must hate the fact that Alice's blood is now inside her...
The ending was pretty epic! First Mary seemingly finds out about Kate being Batwoman...then seconds later.....Batwoman and Sophie kissing on the rooftop! Quite a quick, intense combo to finish the epiosde! :-)

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
(4,5 out of 5 - WOW! So far my favorite episode! A seductive vampire, good action, intense scenes and a smashing finish. Hard to top that.....)

My favorite episode so far! A great villainess, intense scenes, funny scenes, good action and more! Batwoman is back in (real) action!


What do you think of this episode?
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