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[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]
[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

My highlights from this episode (without particular order):
1 – Kate double-crosses Alice and locks her up in Arkham! Wow, I didn't see that coming! Especially after Kate and Alice seemingly got closer in this episode. But in the end Kate does the right thing and locks Alice up with Mouse in that prison cell. As Julia says in the end of the episode, Kate is nothing like Alice. Yes, she has killed Cartwright, but that doesn't make her like Alice. I wonder what the Crows role in that breakout was. Jacob was involved, but did the Crows helped in the background? Jacob must have known that is was a great risk for Kate. The "betrayal" was done very well and surprisingly....but couldn't Kate just knock her sister out and deliver her to Arkham? Well, ok, that would have been a rather boring solution ;-)
2 – Batwoman getting an panic attack! As she nearly killed a street thug in rage, she gets a panic attack and pulls off her cowl! Luckily there was no witness to this unmasking. It was a really dangerous situation as the street was well lit, and someone could have been around. And in that case Batwoman's crime fighter career could have been over. After the events from the previous episode Kate questions herself if she is the hero that Gotham needs. I believe that Batwoman needs a big win to get back on track. And I'm sure she will get that in the next episode.
3 – Julia Pennyworth is back! Well, that wasn't a big surprise after she was in the trailer for the episode, but I'm very happy about it. I wonder what she is up to esecially as she works for the british intelligence. I wonder why they send her to Gotham? I'm not sure she is 100% honest about her goals. Ok, she saved Sophie from being shot, that gives her a lot of credit. I am looking forward to get to know more about her end game.
4 – Kate, the martial-arts rabbit! Wow, I really enjoyed these awesome fight scenes! Especially in the office of that security warden. Kate showed a lot of skill in all those fights against the guards, and that without her usual gadgets! And that was quite dangerous. What if one of the guards would have unmasked her? Being caught in such a jailbreak would have been REALLY bad.

The scene were the Kane sister and their father buried Cartwright was intense. Alice really enjoyed her "victory" as she believed that Kate would now be on the same level as she. But that assumption was really wrong in the end. In the end Kate isn't psychotic killer.
The scenes with Alice and her sister in Kate's bar were very well done as well. They seemingly got a lot closer and Kate decided to help find Mouse. The scenes were pretty emotional as Alice thought she was finally achieved her goal to pull Kate down on her level.
I wonder how and when Kate will tell Luke about her killing Cartwright. Luke won't be happy about it as he admires Batman who has a "no killing" agenda. But I'm sure that Kate can convince him that she and especially Batwoman won't do that again in the future.
I was quite surprised that the Wonderland gang was completely wiped out so suddenly. OK, except from Dodgson who is in prison right now, we didn't get to know any of them, but now Alice has only Mouse left in her team. That will make things much harder.
Jacob and Kate had an emotional scene in the end. I think they are now closer than ever by working together to put Alice behind bars. And Jacob can really understand Kate now better as he witnessed her in her low point.
Who was that assassin that tried to kill Jacob and Sophie and actually killed Reggie? Jacob hadn't recognized him, so he wasn't a Crow. And what is the plan behind all of this? Is that just a Crow or several Crows who know wanna tie up loose ends? We don't know any more Crows besides Jacob and Sophie. Ok, her ex Tyler could show up again...but I don't believe that.
I really like the scene with Kate and Julia in the end! Julia really built up Kate, who was at her lowest point. She killed someone and now locked up her own sister in Arkham. That is something huge that someone needs to cope with. Hard to say how their relationsship will develop in the future. But Kate needed someone and Julia was there for her.
I am sure that Mouse and Alice will escape from Arkham before the showdown of season 1. The big question is what they wanna do after the breakout. I am sure they wanna get revenge on Kate/Batwoman...but how? This will be a very interesting question!
Luke had a really emotional part in this one! Seeing the alleged killer of his father getting a new trial...that was really difficult to deal with. But, as it seemed it was someone else entirely as Reggie was killed just before him. But who? And how will Luke react to it?
Mary did really well in sitting at his side and supporting him in court. Hard to say how their relationsship will develop.
After she wasn't at all in the last episode...Sophie has returned in some scenes. Jacob and she seemingly get along again and I'm sure Sophie will wear that Crow outfit again pretty soon.

>>> Rating “General:” <<<
(4 out of 5 – A thrilling episode with a surprising, big game changer! The dynamic between Kate and Alice was a thrillride and Luke had great moments as well.)

What are your thoughts on the episode?

This week they didn't show the promo for the next episode after the episode. Normally that promo is available on Youtube as soon as an episode was aired. I wonder what will happen? The season was planned with 22 episodes and they filmed 19 before the production was stopped due to the Corona virus. When will they film these other episodes? When will they be shown? Or will they shorten the season? That wouldn't make much sense to me as the season wouldn't have the finale it must/should have! So far, episode 17 is still scheduled for March 29th. Let's see what will happen.

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My thoughts on your thought (in no particular order)...

Wonderland gang getting wiped out: based on the note left on Alice's throne "Did you think I would forget? -your friend from Coryana", they were wiped out by Safiyah - the crime boss that Alice betrayed when she sent Rifle back to her with a non-functional rail-gun. Caroline Dries did hint in an article
we’ve mentioned somebody from the comics in episode seven, a woman named Safiyah, and we are going to hear that name a few more times in the future.

Julia's back! YAY! Is she really there just because she saw Sophie's name on an intercepted communique offering a bounty on Sophie's head? Is that just a convenient excuse to return to Gotham to see Kate? We know that Julia went to watch over Kate at Bruce's request after the breakup with Sophie, and lied about who she was. But when Kate found out, she left in a hurry. We don't really know how Julia feels about Kate. Maybe, after her last appearance in Gotham, she thinks she might have a chance to get back together with Kate? After that final scene together, clearly there is still some mutual attraction!
Another thing that I'm really curious about is, why is there a bounty on Sophie's head? What has she done to garner such attention? Does it have to do with the Lucius Fox murder? Or something else in her past?

I wouldn't have expected the assassin that tried to take out Jacob to be a Crow. I mean, if I were a mole inside the Crows trying to cover up dirty deeds, I would definitely hire out. And who's to say, there's only one assassin?!? The one that killed the store owner, and tried to kill Sophie did it from the safety of another building. Why get sloppy and try to kill Jacob from across the parking lot? Just as aside, he wasn't a very good assassin if he couldn't hit his mark from that short a distance. Just saying.

What is Alice going to do WHEN she (and Mouse?) escape Arkham? Good question. Will she do as she planned, and leave Gotham out of fear of Safiyah's revenge? Yeah, no, probably not! Will she seek revenge on Kate first? Or will her time in Arkham give her some perspective? Alice said that Mouse was tortured that last time he was there, and the doctor that attended to him this time left me with the impression that Alice wasn't exaggerating. Is Alice going to be his next project? Is Kate going to have to break Alice out to save her life from the Doctor? From Safiyah? Will Kate go visit her in Arkham?

The breakout: Yeah, that was some pretty awesome fight scenes. I'm still trying to figure out when Kate called Jacob to let him in on it. As Kate said when the Crows nabbed Mouse, her and Alice were at each other's side the entire time. (time to watch the episode again!) I noticed Kate didn't go into Mouse's cell with Alice, but didn't realize what was up until Alice realized Kate wasn't helping free him. And just when she thought she could trust Kate, Kate goes and abandons her... again, knowingly, this time. That was a seriously intense scene. The anguish on Kate's face. The fear in Alice's cries. Damn.

Reggie's hearing/Luke's storyline: I like that Mary is being so supportive. I like that we're finally seeing some emotion from Luke besides business-like and annoyed-at-Kate.

IMDB lists Julia as being in the next episode (WHOO-HOO!!), along with "Faux-Batwoman" (hmmm)... still listed to air on 3/29. But the CWTV site which provides streaming of the episodes the day after they air, usually has a countdown to the next episode, and that countdown isn't there... :o If they didn't show the trailer for #17, then they may be postponing it. My hunch is that with the re-airing of Crisis April 8-10, we may not see a new episode until Apr 19 or later, since it's likely that they'll want to stretch things out. :(
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