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  4. Monday, 28 October 2019
Episode 4, "Who are you?"

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue]

The city now knows now after the last episode that the new BatWOMAN is in town. But she still has to prove to herself and Gotham that she is able to be the protector of the city.
And there our "villain(ess) of the week" comes in handy. Batwoman has to face Magpie, a ruthless jewel thief. And she has to handle her new double-life as Kate and Batwoman.

My highlights from this episode:
1 - The amount of Batwoman screentime! - Batwoman has around 8 minutes of screentime, with added related scenes even 10 minutes! That is quite a LOT for such a superhero show. Nearly twice as the normal screentime. I love that she has scenes throughout the whole episode! Not only at the end like in the first episodes (with a tiny excpetion in the second ep.).
2- The Batwoman action scenes! Really great to see her in action, especially while fighting a masked villainess like Magpie! The interactions with Luke were prettty cool, some funny lines :-)
3 - Her new dual life! Well, being Kate during the day and (mostly) Batwoman during the night...that is a job tough to handle! But I guess Kate will learn how to handle the toll that comes with it.
4 - Alice playing Katherine! Pretty cool how Alice forced Katherine to reveal (a part of?) the truth to Jacob. I wonder how he will react to that?
5 - The NEW batsignal - Really cool to see the new version of the Batsignal with the Batwoman logo. Curious when the city will officially call her for the first time...
I am (still) thrilled about the fact that Sophie still somehow suspects Kate to be Batwoman! I wonder how that will play out in the future. I guess at some she might discover her secret. I wonder how...
The relation between Mary and Batwoman is and will be also very interesting. Mary doesn't seem to suspect anything and unlike Sophie she doesn't seem very motivated to find out more about Batwoman so far.
Magpie could have used a little more screentime, her scenes were pretty short. Ok, it's a typical "villain of the week" problem, that they mostly don't get a deep background. I would have liked to know more about her. But I liked the action scenes between her and Batwoman with exception of the pretty bad CGI explosions. I guess the budget for CGI is rather small. Not a big thing so far, but with the many exploding was very noticeable this time.
Magpies leather(/latex?) suit was verrrry sexy!
Kate decision to become a real estate developer to help the city is a good idea in my opinion. She needs a job during the day, a job that can keep the facade of the rich girl up. And so she can help the city in both identities, just like her cousin.

>>> Rating "General:" <<<
(4 out of 5)

A very good episode with many Batwoman scenes! Magpie was a good villainess and Kate's dual life was also very interesting.

What do you folks think about the episode?
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